Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th March 2023 Written Update: IT department raids Samrat’s house


Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mansi understands that Aliya drank bhaang that’s why acting weird. Prem and Chintu hifi to each other. Chintu recalls that how he saw Mansi mixing bhaang in Nayantara’s drink and how he exchanged the glasses. Mansi decides to take Aliya inside before Aliya exposes them. She takes Aliya inside and asks her to stop talking. Aliya scolds her. She says that she helped Mansi by deleting the CCTV footage. She confesses the wrongdoings she did to get rid of Nayantara. And Mansi is nothing without her. Mansi takes Aliya upstairs.

Samrat overhears their conversation. He goes out and he tells Mohit that Aliya is Mansi’s accomplice. He says that it’s hard to believe that Aliya is helping Mansi. And Aliya choosed the way which Revati choosed. Mohit tells him that they should expose Mansi. Samrat tells him that he has to find out Mansi’s motive before exposing her.

Next day, Mansi tells Aliya everything. They wonders that how glasses got exchanged. Aliya hope that no one heard her. Mansi assures her that no one heard Aliya that’s why nothing happened still. Aliya asks her about yesterday plan. Mansi tells her that plan flopped. She says that she will do something to separate Nayantara from Samrat’s life.

On the other hand, Samrat tells himself that colour is not going and he has to go out for important meeting. He asks Nayantara that how she looks good. Nayantara tells him that apply coconut oil get rid of the colour. He asks her to move on from coconut because he hate coconut oil smell. She lists out the benefits of coconut. He asks her to apply coconut oil on him. She agrees to help him. And she applies coconut oil on him. They shares an eye lock. He moves from there to pick a call. She tells him to take bath. He goes inside the bathroom.

After some time, Samrat collides with Mansi and apologizes to her. Mansi tells him that her baby kicked her now. She makes him touch her belly and asks him to feel baby’s kick. He tells her that he is not feeling anything. She tells him that he could not feel anything during Prem time. She says that she realised that Samrat is her true love and she did wrong by betraying him. And they would have lived together if she did not betray him then. She tells him that Prem want to see their parents together and for Prem they can reunite. He asks her that why she is saying all this suddenly. She tells him that their love is true that’s why they are together now and they can live like family. He tells her that he need time to think. IT officers comes there to raid.

Episode ends.

Precap – IT officers searches Samrat’s house and finds money.

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