Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th September 2023 Written Update: Romila saves Mahima


Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th September 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mahima comes out after getting ready like Radha. Nitya tells Arjun to perform well for her sake. Arjun nods at her. Kaashvi notices the window and says that she can’t escape through this window. Bijli barks. She says that bijli can escape through window. She asks bijli to go and bring Arjun. Bijli escapes from there through window.

Nitya tells her guests about Radha and Krishna’s love story. Arjun and Mahima dances on the stage. Arjun gets uncomfortable. Bijli comes there and barks at Arjun. Mahima wonders that how bijli escaped. Arjun tells Mahima to keep dancing. He understands that bijli want to say something. He leaves the stage and follows bijli. He asks bijli that why the latter brought him to store room.

Kaashvi asks Arjun that if he is outside. Arjun opens the door. He asks her that if she is fine. She tells him everything. He tells her that Mahima become Radha. She tells him to continue the dance with Mahima. He tells her that only she is his Radha. They goes to the stage. Kaashvi tells Mahima to leave because she returned and she will dance with her husband. Romila asks Mahima that if Kaashvi got to know that they locked her in the store room. Mahima tells her to keep quiet. Arjun and Kaashvi dances. Guests claps. Nitya gets relieved that guests liked the dance.

Later, Nitya asks Kaashvi that where the latter went. Arjun tells her that someone locked Kaashvi in the store room. Kaashvi says that she is sure Mahima is behind this. Mahima asks her that why she will do this. Kaashvi asks her to stop acting. She says that Mahima did all this to become Radha. She asks her that how the latter got Radha outfit. Dadi says that Kaashvi is right.

Mahima says that Monty gifted this outfit to her. Monty agrees with Mahima. Mahima tells them that they should thank them for saving their image in front of guests. Kaashvi says that she know Mahima locked her in the store room. Mahima asks her that if the latter has any proof against her. Kaashvi says that she will find it. Romila comes there and says that she locked the store room. She says that she don’t know Kaashvi was inside. Dadi scolds her. Arjun tells them to end the matter. Everyone goes inside.

Nitya drags Mahima inside. Nitya says that Mahima’s plan is stupid. Mahima tells her that she saved the latter’s image. Nitya tells her to stop acting. She says that she saw when Monty gave Radha outfit to Mahima. She adds that Mahima did all this to get close to Arjun. She asks her that why the latter is marrying Mohit. Mahima refuses to tell her plan to her.

Kaashvi tells Arjun that Romila lied to cover up Mahima’s mistake. She says that she is not understanding why Mahima did this.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima says that she will call off the marriage if Kaashvi won’t apologize to her then.