Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th June 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh regrets for accusing Preesha


Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha tells Rudraksh that he is blaming her like always. She says that she is also human being and she can’t tolerate anymore. She tells him that he said that he will trust her but he is not even ready to listen her. Rudraksh tells her that wrong happens with him because of her. He says that he lost Ruhi five years back because of Preesha and now he lost his son because of Preesha. He adds that Preesha is wrong.

She tells him that he should blame Revati because it’s her who stole their baby. He asks her that if she has any proof that Revati took their baby. He adds that there is a possibility that Preesha made a deal with Armaan. She tells him that everything is over between them if he don’t trust her then. She says that he also lost as a husband. She tells him that she won’t let him blame her anymore. And she don’t want to see his face and asks him to leave. He leaves the room.

In the Khurana house, Sharda arranges gifts. Rudraksh enters the house. She asks him about Preesha and baby. He informs her everything. She tells him that she can understand his pain but she is feeling more bad for Preesha which shocks him. She says that he can’t even imagine that what Preesha must be going through now. She asks him that if he consoled Preesha when she needed him the most. She scolds him for not supporting Preesha.

She reminds him that he can’t live without Preesha and how can he leave Preesha alone in the hospital. He tells her that she is right and he will apologize to Preesha. Gopal comes there and informs them that Revati kidnapped him and blackmailed Preesha. He adds that seems like Revati got what she wanted that’s why her men left him. Rudraksh runs to the hospital.

In the hospital, Preesha recalls that how Rudraksh take care of her in these 9 months. She regrets for letting Rudraksh leave. She says that Rudraksh is right in his place and she should have told him about Revati. She adds that Rudraksh was not angry but sad. She decides to apologize to Rudraksh and find her baby with him. Armaan comes there and injects Preesha. She loses her consciousness. He tells her that she belongs to him. He keeps a letter there. And he picks her and leaves from there. Rudraksh enters Preesha’s room and searches her. He finds the letter which Armaan kept there. He reads it and thinks that Preesha left him and cries.

One year later, Preesha looks after the decorations. She asks servants to not make any mistakes. She goes to Armaan and notices that he is struggling to tie a tie. She asks him that what he will do without her. He tells her that why he should learn when she is with him. Meanwhile, Rudraksh gets ready and struggles to tie a tie. Ruhi comes there and tells him that he can’t do anything without her. She helps him to tie a tie. She tells him that everyone waiting for him. He is about to leave. But she stops him and gives his purse to him. And he leaves the room. Preesha asks Armman that if she has to remind him about party. Armaan tells her that how can he forget their marriage anniversary party.

Episode ends.

Precap – Armaan spikes Preesha’s drink. Later, Digvijay tells Armaan that Preesha don’t remember the past but still her mind gets affected hearing about Rudraksh. Armaan tells him that he won’t let Preesha go to her previous life.

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