Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th November 2023 Written Update: Kaashvi saves Karun from goons


Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with goons reaches Diwali mela to take revenge on Kaashvi. Mahima’s friends says that Mahima’s life is perfect. Mahima tells them that she wrote her fate. She says that she also love her family. She asks them to put more effort to get perfect life. Arjun is on a phone call.

Karun enjoys the ride. He is about to fall down and Kaashvi catches him. He tells her that his mother would have saved him if the latter did not come then. Kaashvi asks him that where is his mother. Karun points towards Mahima who is talking with her friends. Kaashvi could not see Mahima and tells Karun that she want to talk to his mother about phone matter. He tells her that he told everything to his mother already. He thinks that Kaashvi don’t know it was his mother idea. They notices that Karun’s parents are not there. Kaashvi tells Karun that she will help him to find his parents.

Goon sees Kaashvi and he calls Boss. He informs Boss about Kaashvi. Kaashvi wonders why she feels heart connection with Karun. Boss sees Kaashvi and says that he won’t spare her.

Arjun thinks that Karun would have completed his ride and Mahima and Karun must be waiting for him. He searches Mahima and Karun. He calls Mahima and asks her that where is she. Mahima tells him that she is in saree stall. He goes to saree stall and asks Mahima about Karun. She realises that she forgot Karun. She tells him that he was with Karun. She blames him for Karun’s disappearance. He gets shocked hearing her. She says that they should find Karun first.

Goons surrounds Kaashvi and Karun. They takes Kaashvi and Karun from there. Kaashvi asks them how they got released. Boss Birju taunts her. He says that his income has been stopped because of her. He adds that he came to ruin her. Kaashvi asks him to not disturb others. Karun cries. Mahima and Arjun searches Karun. Arjun wonders where is Karun and gets worried. Dadi searches Kaashvi.

Birju warns Karun to not cry. Kaashvi tells him to not talk like that with Karun. Birju tries to slap Karun and Kaashvi holds the former’s hand. Kaashvi beat goons up.

Arjun tells Mahima that it happened because of her carelessness. He reminds her that he told her to take care of Karun. Mahima cries and says that Karun is only her responsibility. She tells him that he never spend time with Karun that’s why she thought he should spend time Karun today.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima tells Arjun that they should go to stage and announce about Karun. A man announces that Karun’s parents waiting for Karun. Kaashvi and Karun hears this. Karun runs to Arjun and hugs him. Kaashvi gets shocked seeing this.