Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th September 2023 Written Update: Kaashvi admits Mohit in the hospital

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th September 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mahima says that she will call off the marriage if Kaashvi don’t apologize to her then and goes inside. Romila follows her. She asks Mahima that if the latter is doing all this to stop the marriage. Mahima tells her that she is doing all this to insult Kaashvi. Romila tells her that Kaashvi won’t apologize to her because she know very well about Kaashvi
Mahima tells her that Kaashvi will apologize to her to save her marriage.

Nitya tells Kaashvi that they know the latter did nothing wrong but she has to apologize to Mahima to end the topic. Kaashvi asks her that why she should apologize when she did nothing wrong. Nitya reminds her that yesterday Kaashvi accused Mahima. Kaashvi asks Dadi to say something. Dadi says that Nitya is right. Kaashvi gets shocked hearing this. Dadi tells Kaashvi to apologize to Mahima to save the marriage. Kaashvi refuses to apologize to Mahima and goes inside.

Arjun tells Kaashvi that he know she did nothing wrong and she need not to apologize if she don’t want to apologize then. Kaashvi tells him that Mahima threatened to call off the marriage. He tells her that Mahima won’t do that. She tells him that if Nayantara was alive then she would have asked her to apologize to Mahima. He tells her that Samrat would have told her to not apologize to Mahima. He asks her to not stressed about it.

Jagdeesh asks Dadi that how can she tell Kaashvi to apologize to Mahima. He says that there is a possibility that Mahima is using this situation. Dadi tells him that she know that. She says that she want Mahima to leave the house as soon as possible. And says that she don’t want Mahima to come in between Arjun and Kaashvi. She adds that everyone will blame Kaashvi if this marriage did not happen then.

Kaashvi talks to her parents photo. She tells them that she is missing them so much. Jagdeesh asks her to do what her heart says. She tells him that she is stuck between mind and heart. He tells her that he know Mahima is doing all this deliberately. He says that he is with Kaashvi and hugs her.

Next day, Romila tells Mahima that Kaashvi did not apologize to her yet. Mahima asks her to wait and watch. Mohit comes there and says that Mahima called him. Mahima returns the engagement ring to Mohit. She says that she won’t marry Mohit. Mohit gets shocked hearing this. He asks Mahima that what is all this. Mahima tells him that she want to know how much her happiness matters for Kaashvi. Mohit says that Kaashvi and family members letting all this happen for small matter and leaves from there. Mahima blames Kaashvi for everything. Arjun asks her to shut up. He tells her to leave for office.

Later, Kaashvi learns that Mohit is drunk and he got hit by vehicle. She admits Mohit in the hospital. Mohit tells her that he tried to commit suicide.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kaashvi agrees to apologize to Mahima.

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