Yeh Hai Chahatein : Saransh spent his first night with Rudraksh at Khurana house

yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Episode begins with Rudraksh is sitting in his room and he’s coughing. He’s again recalling his elder brother Rajiv and things if he’s here then he’ll look after his health and now nobody is here to take care of him. Balraj comes in his room and asks him to take some rest and have some medication as he has a recording scheduled for next morning and he took money for it. Rudraksh feels awful in this home to treat him just like his brother Rajiv.

Saransh hears the scolding of Balraj and he moved back to deliver something for Rudraksh. He comes back with a mug filled with lukewarm water and asks Rudraksh to get it. He’s not prepared for this program but win Saransh provided him this he becomes very emotional and eventually he took some sips in the lukewarm water. Saransh asked him to come together and sleep on the bed but he isn’t ready for that.

Saransh says to Rudraksh he isn’t doing well and to be nice he must take some rest and have a proper sleep. Rudraksh sees there isn’t any use in arguing with him he eventually shuts his eyes to try for sleep. Saransh sits beside him and implemented balm on his brow and chest areas so he can find some relief from the cold. He says to Rudraksh that when I used to suffer with fever and cold my grandma is to treat me like this just.

An emotional Rudraksh is listening to him and it is reminding him of his elder brother and the way he used to treat him if he falls ill. Rudraksh eventually falls asleep and Saransh believes if he can sleep like this then how will I sleep at night because without holding the hands of anyone I do not get to sleep through the night. Saransh also sleeps besides Rudraksh in the evening.

In the morning, Rudraksha gets up to find sans besides him and his leg is on his face. Saransh says to him that he’s caring for him and in that process he falls asleep without his own note. Suddenly he began to request Preesha and said you told me that she’ll come last night just but she did not come here please call her and ask, where is she? Rudraksh claims to Saransh rudely his mother won’t ever come to him .

An upset Saransh decided to teach a lesson to Rudraksh. At the morning Rudraksh gets up from his sleep and when he slipped his feets in his slipper. It appears to be like a slime is connected with the slippers and that’s causing him irritation. He went up to his toilet and become shocked to find that his face is also colored with black and that color is there in his hands. He understands that every one is performed by Saransh only. Saransh faced Rudraksha that when he does not bring her mother back then he’ll annoy him like that.

Vasudha and GPS come to fulfill Preesha who says to them that they don’t come tomorrow while she’s getting hanged. Saransh has to know from a home stuff that Rudraksh is getting married to another girl and he goes to him to demand answers for this. Rudraksh says to him if you open his mouth before anybody about he’s been married to Prashant then he won’t ever let her return home.