Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th January 2022 Written Update: Mukhiya warns Yuvraj


Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Bunty tells Rudraksh that Ruhi’s mother is fine and they should leave before anyone sees the latter. They notices Mukhiya and his men and moves from there. Yuvraj takes Mukhiya to waiting room but Rudraksh is not there. He tells Mukhiya’s men to search Rudraksh. He asks Mukhiya to order his men. Mukhiya tells his men that Rudraksh should not leave the hospital. Rudraksh hides in Preesha’s room to escape from Mukhiya and his men. Preesha comes out of the washroom and lays down on the bed. Rudraksh hides under the bed. Nurse comes there and takes Preesha for test. Rudraksh leaves the room.

Bunty notices Ruhi and he decides to seek her help and calls her. Ruhi asks him about Rudraksh. He informs her that while escaping from Mukhiya’s men he entered the storeroom and Rudraksh entered some patient’s room. She says that they should find Rudraksh before Mukhiya’s men catches him.

Mukhiya’s men tells Mukhiya that Rudraksh is not in the hospital. Mukhiya asks Yuvraj that if the latter playing games with him. Yuvraj tells him that he send Rudraksh’s picture and Rudraksh is inside the hospital only because the latter men didn’t saw Rudraksh leaving the hospital. Ruhi finds Rudraksh. Mukhiya’s men sees them and chases them. Rudraksh bids bye to Ruhi and asks her to smile and hugs her ( Title song plays in the background ). He and Bunty escapes from window.

Doctor asks Preesha to stay in the hospital tonight for observation and leaves the room. Preesha gets worried about lohri preparations and Ruhi. Yuvraj tells her that he will take care of Ruhi. But Preesha tells him that he need not to do that. Meena says that she will take care of Ruhi. Yuvraj leaves the hospital and thinks that Preesha should have forget everything. Mukhiya’s men beats him for giving wrong information. Mukhiya warns Yuvraj to not call him again.

Rudraksh asks Bunty that how can he leave Ruhi alone in this situation. He tells him that today he will stay in storeroom for Ruhi’s sake. Bunty thinks that he is also worried about Ruhi and takes him to Preesha’s house. Meena asks Ruhi to change dress and she goes to her house. Ruhi gets excited seeing Rudraksh and hugs him. He tells her that tonight he will stay with her. She tells him that Meena will come to pick her up. Saachi says that she will tell Meena that she is taking Ruhi with her. Bunty leaves for hotel.

After some time, Saachi brings dinner for Ruhi and Rudraksh. Ruhi refuses to eat saying that she is missing her mother. Rudraksh says that his stomach paining and he can’t eat without Ruhi. She tells him that she knows that he is doing drama and he is a bad actor. He makes her say that he is a good actor. They laughs and feeds each other ( Title song plays in the background ).

Episode ends.

Precap – Ruhi tells Rudraksh that the latter has her mother’s bangle. Yuvraj makes Rudraksh unconscious and Mukhiya sets fire on Preesha’s house.

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