Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Rudraksh’s Throat Does Not Heal And The Saransh Makes Fun Of Him Again And Again Tells Him Why You Lost Your Air In One Box Of Ice Cream.On The Other Hand, Niketan Shouts Rudraksha And Prisha Shouts Loudly. Leaves With Rudraksha.

Aahana Asked Mishka To Pretend Like A Sad Person so the Effect Of It On Our Father Will Be Much Bigger. Niketan Asked Rudraksha When I Enquired To You About Preesha Last NightYou Must Have Informed Me That Time Just She Is None Other Than Your Own Wife And You Aren’t Married To My Daughter Mishka.

Rudraksh Is Not Able to Speak Anything Properly Due To His Broken Voice However Preesha Comes Forward And Gives Reply On His Behalf He Has No Fault In All This And Much More Of He Wishes To Speak The Truth About Last Night Only But It Was Really Late And He Was Tired That’s Why Rudraksh Kept Quiet.

Niketan Tells Rudraksha That You Know Yourself, You’re a Really Big Man, You’re Something, Why Did You Not Think It’s Essential To Inform MeThen Prisha Stands In Front Of Rudraksha And Says That You Came Much Later In The Evening. Were And Tired, So Rudraksh Don’t Believe It Necessary To Speak to You Rudraksh’s Throat Wasn’t Right Even He Would Not Speak To You.

Niketan Tells Prisha That You’ve Begun Moving To Rudraksh Very Well, You Seem To Be A Very Clever Girl And You Have A MindYou Call Him And Everybody Near You. They Are Quite Happy And Say, Now Look, Ahana And Mishka Say Explosion Will Happen.

The Moment The Prisha Goes To Niketan, Niketan Puts His Hand On His Head And Says Be Happy, What Did You Think I Will Not Accept You, You Just Understand The Khurana Family, You’re Appropriate For This, I Am Very Happy You Married To Rudraksh. Due To That, Even Life Has Been Saved. Anything Else Will Be Known Later.

On Other Hand, Balraj Was On The Way Talking To Someone On The Phone, Until Then Under His Feet Saransh Toy Falls Under His Foot And He Falls. He yells The Liquor Loudly And Begins Scolding Sarans, Seeing Balraj Scolding Him, The Prisha Comes To Save Him And He Says It’s No Longer A Mistake.

It Won’t Happen Then Niketan Comes There And Says How Can You Behave With Children Even With Children, Don’t Think To Yourself That You Have A Child In Your Property, How Happy You’ll Be If The Film Says Balraj If My Home You Are No Part First I Throw Out To Get You Out Of House.

Saransh Requires Many Schools For Entry, But The Summaries Are Not Accepted Because of This. Because She’s Not Afraid Of Her Father, Prisha Gets Nervous. On Other Side Yuvraj Comes To The House Of Preesha To Pretend As If He’s Extremely Guilty In Front Of Vashuda And GPS. They Get Angry The Moment They View Yuvraj In Their Home And Both Of Them Slams Him On His Face.

Saranash Asks Prisa To Eat Ice Cream Again. The Moment The Publicity Stops She Sees That Niketan’s Manager And Balraj Are Together. She Doesn’t Require The Saransh There And Goes Home. Is. In Saransh, It Tells All These Things To Rudraksha That Mama Is Upset And My Entrance Isn’t Happening Anywhere.

Rudraksha Speaks In Thought That She’s Such A Stubborn Girl Or She Couldn’t Tell Me That Saransh Will Not Fall In Low Class School Like Her. Saransh Its Admission To The Best School In The City Episode Ends.