Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th March 2023 Written Update: Mohit helps Samrat realise his feelings


Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Malati says that, that’s her bangles. Samrat scolds Mansi for stealing Malati’s bangles. Mansi tells him that she did it as a mother. He asks her to not drag baby in this matter because she is doing all this for herself. And he can’t believe he loved her in the past. But he is glad, she returned in his life and he saw her real face. He tells her to not show her face again.

Aliya asks Samrat that how can he do fake IT raid. She says that she suffered a lot due to him. Samrat tells her that he know she is Mansi’s accomplice. She asks him that how can he suspect her. She says that she know Nayantara instigated Samrat against her. He tells her that no one can influence him. He reveals that he overheard Aliya and Mansi’s conversation. He says that he can’t believe Aliya can stoop this low. He lists out the wrongdoings Aliya did. And Aliya pushed Nayantara into the water tank. Malati says that Nayantara could have died that day.

Samrat asks Aliya that why she did like that. Aliya blames Nayantara for Revati’s condition. She says that she can’t tolerate Nayantara living happily after doing all that with Revati. Samrat tells her that Revati did wrong and Revati is responsible for her condition. She says that she will take revenge on Nayantara. She asks him to stop blaming Revati. She reminds him that he is rockstar today due to Revati. He tells her that he is talented and he know Revati helped him. He says that he won’t throw Aliya out of the house now. He warns her to not try to hurt Nayantara and her family again. She goes inside.

Samrat tells Mansi to leave. Mansi faints. Next day, Mansi regains her consciousness and she apologizes to Samrat. He tells her that she can’t stay there. Mansi asks Nayantara to understand her. Nayantara tells her that she won’t repeat her mistake again.

Nayantara asks Samrat that why he did not tell her about fake raid. Aliya comes there and reminds Nayantara that she is not real wife of Samrat. Nayantara leaves from there. Samrat asks Aliya that why she behaves rudely with Nayantara.

Mohit asks Samrat that why the latter is divorcing Nayantara when he love her. He tells him to accept his feelings. Samrat tells him that he is just friend of Nayantara. Mohit asks him to close his eyes. Samrat sees the moments he shared with Nayantara. Mohit tells him that he know the latter saw Nayantara and leaves from there. Mansi overhears their conversation. She tells Prem that Samrat want to separate her from him. Prem tells her that she want Nayantara and Samrat together. So Mansi can leave and runs from there. She thinks that she won’t accept her defeat.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mansi falls from staircase. Nayantara fails to save her.

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