Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th February 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh learns about Badrinath’s death


Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th February 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Yuvraj beat hitman up for missing the target. Hitman asks for his money. Yuvraj taunts him and the latter runs from there. On the other hand, Rudraksh and Bunty reaches Badrinath’s house. Bunty tells him that this place doesn’t seem safe so let police do their job. Rudraksh tells him that he has to find Badrinath no matter what and the latter can leave if he is afraid then. He knocks the door. Bunty informs him that the door is locked. Rudraksh learns that Badrinath died 10 years back and Badrinath has a son but no one knows that where he went after his father’s death.

Preesha asks Ruhi to eat. Ruhi tells her that she is not hungry because Saaransh brought so much food for her which shocks the latter. Preesha asks her that how the latter knows Saaransh. Ruhi informs her that how she helped Saaransh in Rothak. She reveals that Saaransh is behind her admission and also Preesha’s job. She says that according to Saaransh, Rudraksh smiles because of her. Preesha thinks that what if she made mistake by returning to Delhi.

Meanwhile, Vaijayanti asks Sharda that how long they are going to hide the truth from her. Sharda gets confused hearing her. Vaijayanti tells Sharda that Rudraksh don’t care that Ruhi is Yuvraj’s daughter because only Preesha matters for him and he still loves her. And that’s why Ruhi got admission in Khurana school so Preesha can stay beside Rudraksh. Sharda tells her that she has no idea about it. Saaransh tells them that he is behind Ruhi’s admission not Rudraksh. Sharda asks him that when he met Ruhi. He informs her that he met Ruhi in Rothak.

Vaijayanti asks him that if he knows that who is Ruhi’s mother. He tells her that he knows and Ruhi’s mother is Priya but he never met her. He says that he brought Ruhi to Delhi for Rudraksh and they got old Rudraksh back because of Ruhi and goes inside. Vaijayanti tells Sharda that Rudraksh changed because Preesha is alive. She says that she can’t even imagine that how Saaransh will react when he will get to know that Preesha is alive.

Preesha tells bed time story to Ruhi. Ruhi tells her that now she is fine that she don’t have a father because many students don’t have a father. And even Saaransh don’t have a mother. She tells her that she want to invite Saaransh to their home. Preesha tells her that they can talk about it tomorrow and asks her to sleep. She goes to her room and cries seeing Saaransh’s picture. She says that she want to meet him atleast once and reaches Khurana mansion. Rudraksh stops her from entering the mansion. He asks her that what is she doing in his home. She tells him that she came to meet her son once. He mocks her for remembering Saaransh finally.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vaijayanti sees Preesha hugging Rudraksh. She informs Vasudha and Gopal that Preesha is alive.

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