Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th November 2023 Written Update: Kaashvi accepts the promotion


Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Birju calls Kaashvi and tells her that he will her son. Kaashvi tells him that Karun is not her son. He asks her to stop lying. He orders her to accept the promotion if she want Karun alive then. She threatens to kill him if anything happened to Karun then. He tells her to wait for his next order and disconnects call. She wonders why Birju thinks Karun is her son. She tells herself that Karun is in danger because of her. Dadi asks Kaashvi that what happened. Kaashvi tells her to go home and leaves from there.

In the police station, Arjun tells police inspector about Karun’s kidnap. Police inspector asks him that if the latter suspect anyone. Jagdish tells police inspector that they don’t have enmity with anyone so they have no idea who kidnapped Karun. Arjun requests police inspector to save Karun. Police inspector asks them that why they left 5 year old kid alone. Mahima tells him that they did not do that deliberately. Police inspector asks them to give Karun’s photo and details.

Outside the police station, Arjun asks Mahima is if she is involved in this kidnapping. Mahima asks him that how can he suspect him. He gets worried about Karun. She tells him that nothing will happen to Karun.

On the other hand, Kaashvi tells officer that she will accept the promotion. Officer asks her that why she is accepting the promotion suddenly. She tells him everything. She says that they can stop the child trafficking permanently if they caught Birju then. He tells her that he trust her. She tells him that they need to involve the police too in this mission.

Arjun asks police inspector that if they found Karun. Police inspector informs Arjun that kidnapper called civil department. He says that lady civil officer is handling this case. Arjun tells police inspector that he want to meet civil officer to tell thanks to her. Police inspector gets permission to meet Kaashvi.

Goon tries to tie Karun. Karun bites goon up. He beat goons and tries to escape. But Birju catch Karun. He scolds his men. He calls Kaashvi. Kaashvi tells him that she accepted her promotion. He orders her to release the people whom she arrested in child trafficking case. She tells him that she will do that. She warns him to not hurt Karun. He warns her to not try to double cross her and disconnects the call.

Officer asks Kaashvi that why she took this decision. Kaashvi tells him that she has plan. She says that she won’t leave criminals. He tells her that he trust her. She tells him that media should not know about this mission. She asks him to give police protection to Dadi.

Later, Kaashvi wears bullet proof jacket. Peon tells Kaashvi that Karun’s father is waiting to meet her. Arjun waits in Kaashvi’s cabin. Kaashvi moves towards her cabin.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Kaashvi sees Karun hugging Arjun.