Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th September 2023 Written Update: Kaashvi ruins Mahima’s plan


Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th September 2023 Written Update on

LEpisode begins with Mahima tells Dadi that Mohit understands her and he is not angry at her so she don’t care what others think about her. She refuses to apologize to Mohit’s mother. Mohit mother says that this is Mahima’s real face. Mahima says that Mohit’s mother should not interfere and leaves from there. Dadi apologize to Mohit’s mother on behalf of Mahima. She tells her that she will talk to Mahima. She adds that she will make sure that Mahima apologize to Mohit’s mother and leaves from there. Mohit’s mother thinks that she will teach a lesson to Mahima.

In the meeting, Nitya says that international delegates coming so they have to block the road. Kaashvi tells her to not block the road because that will affect normal people. Nitya tells her that this is not her first time and says that she know her work. She says that it can become little late for people to reach the hospital but they can save their respect in front of delegates. She asks Kaashvi to think before Speaking. She says that Kaashvi is new to all this. Kaashvi apologize to her.

Mohit and Mahima practice for their sangeet function. But Mohit don’t dance well. Mahima scolds him. She asks him to do well because they have today only. She asks Arjun to dance with her and show Mohit how to dance. Mohit refuses to dance with Mahima. Romila convinces Arjun to dance with Mahima to help her. Arjun dance with Mahima and he carry her. Kaashvi comes there and asks Arjun that what is all this. Arjun tells her that he danced with Mahima.

Mohit tells Kaashvi that he asked Arjun to help her. Kaashvi tells him that he should rehearse with Mahima. She says that she will dance with Arjun and by seeing that Mohit can learn dance. They continues the rehearsal. Mahima falls down. She scolds Mohit and goes inside. Dance choreographer says that they will rehearse later and leaves from there. Mohit says that he don’t know to dance. Arjun tells him that the latter can impress Mahima. He takes Mohit to tattoo store. He tells Mohit to do permanent tattoo of Mahima’s name. Mohit agrees with him.

Later, Arjun tells Mahima that Mohit did something romantic for her. Mohit shows his tattoo to Mahima. Arjun tells Dadi that permanent tattoo gives so much pain. Mahima tells Mohit that this is sweet. Kaashvi tells Mahima that the latter is lucky. Romila says that her husband never did anything for her. Arjun goes inside. Mohit takes Kaashvi aside. He tells Kaashvi that it was Arjun’s idea. He informs her that Arjun also tattooed K on his hand. He says that Kaashvi is lucky and leaves from there. Later, Kaashvi is happy. She tries to see Arjun’s tattoo.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima tells Arjun that she regret for leaving him. Kaashvi goes against Nitya to save a person’s life.