Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th January 2023 Written Update: Revati provokes Samrat against Nayantara


Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Doctor tells them that Ishani is in critical condition and she can’t tell anything until Ishani regains her consciousness. She asks them to pray to God for miracle. Nayantara asks God to cure Ishani because she can’t see her sister like this. Samrat gets shocked hearing her. He asks her that Ishani is her sister. She tells him that why they lied. He tells her that she is hypocrite. He says that she also betrayed him for her sister and she won’t forgive her. She tells him that he don’t matter for her. She picks Malati’s call and tells her to come to hospital. She decide to punish Samrat once Ishani becomes fine. Samrat messages Revati that they found Ishani.

After some time, Malati reaches the hospital and she asks Nayantara about Ishani. Nayantara tells her everything. Revati comes there and tells Samrat that she came to save him from Nayantara and Mohit. Malati scolds her. Revati learns that Ishani is Malati’s daughter. Doctor tells them that Ishani regained her consciousness and she is out of danger now. Revati tells Samrat that they should leave now. Samrat tells her that he has to know who attached Ishani so he can prove his innocence.

Nayantara asks Ishani that who did this with her. Ishani tells her that Samrat attacked her. Samrat asks her that why she is taking his name. She tells him that she saw his shoes. He says that he is innocent and Ishani is lying. Nayantara tells him that he took his revenge. She asks him that how can he do this. She says that she won’t spare Samrat.

Revati says that Ishani did not see Samrat’s face. Nayantara says that she will put Samrat behind the bars. Samrat tells her that he will prove his innocence. Nurse asks them to not make noise. Revati thinks that everything happening as per her wish. She recalls that how Samrat said that he had emotional talk with Nayantara. She thinks that Nayantara may snatch Samrat from her so she has to do something. She hires Jacky to kidnap Ishani and tells him to wear Samrat’s shoes and Ishani should see that so she think Samrat is responsible for her condition.

Nayantara tells Samrat that he tried to kill Ishani so he will end up in jail. She says that she will ruin his life. She adds that he has to pay for all this. Revati tells her that finally the latter’s intention has been revealed. She tells Samrat that Nayantara is golddigger. She blames Malati. Nayantara scolds her. Samrat yells at her. Revati thinks that this is what she wanted and Samrat won’t change due to Nayantara.

Episode ends.

Precap – Revati tells Samrat that he has concert tomorrow. Nayantara learns about Samrat’s concert.

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