Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th August 2022 Written Update: Armaan accuses Prem of stealing Lord Krishna’s idol


Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Armaan hides the Lord Krishna’s idol which Rudraksh kept in the house temple. He decides to accuse Prem of stealing Lord Krishna’s idol. He tells himself that he will show the half of the video in which Prem took Lord Krishna’s idol from the house temple. He thinks Prem will confess that he is Rudraksh’s spy in front of police. And Preesha will throw Prem and kids out of the house.

In the college, Raj tells Pihu that he was waiting for her to practice. Pihu tells him that he is uncomfortable in dancing so they should cancel it. He asks her that why she is thinking about him so much. She says that they will sing only. They starts their practice. He starts dancing with her which surprises her. She asks him that when he learnt to dance. He tells her that Vidyut taught him. He says that Vidyut really changed now. She tells him that she don’t think Vidyut changed. She talks about Janmasthami puja. He says that his mother used to make kheer on every Janmasthami.

Ruhi tells Rudraksh that they have to join Thakurs for Janmasthami puja. Preesha comes there. She gives new clothes to them. She invites them for Janmasthami puja and leaves from there. Later, Prem and kids enters the house. Digvijay gets angry seeing them. He understands that Preesha invited them. He tells Armaan to do something. Armaan asks him to wait and watch the drama.

Raj calls Pihu and and tells her that he is standing outside her house. He asks her that why she called him there. She asks him to wait. She takes kheer in a bowl and moves towards him. He gets memorized seeing her ( Isqh wala love song plays in the background ). He compliments her. She thanks him. She offers kheer to him. She says sorry that she could not call him inside. He tells her that’s fine. He eats kheer.

Preesha asks Kanchan to bring Lord Krishna’s idol. Kanchan says that lord Krishna’s idol is missing. Everyone gets shocked hearing her except Armaan. Rudraksh thinks that how is that possible. Kanchan says that family members won’t steal Lord Krishna’s idol. Armaan says that Prem is not family member. Preesha asks him that how can he say that. Prem asks that why he will stole Lord Krishna’s idol. He says that he just came to attend the puja. Armaan asks him that if the latter came before. Prem shook his head. Armaan says that Prem is lying and he has proof to prove it. He shows the video. Prem wonders that how he is going to escape now.

Raj thanks Pihu. They hears noise. Pihu goes inside. Kanchan scolds Prem. Preesha tells Prem that she trusted him but he betrayed her. Armaan asks Prem that if the latter stole Lord Krishna’s idol on Rudraksh behest. Rudraksh thinks that he can’t even tell the truth. Raj overhears their conversation. He decides to help Rudraksh. Digvijay says that they have to handover Prem to police. He drags Prem from there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ruhi says that Prem did not stole Lord Krishna’s idol. Digvijay asks her that who stole it. She points at someone. Armaan and Preesha performs puja. Ruhi asks God to do some miracle. Preesha sees Lord Krishna’s idol. She gets glimpse of performing puja with Rudraksh.

Episode begins with Vidyut tells Sharda that Rudraksh wants lord Krishna’s idol. Sharda tells him that she will give that to Rudraksh tomorrow. She says that she is missing kids so much and leaves from there. Vidyut asks Raj that why the latter left in the middle of the practice. Raj tells him that he left because of the latter. Vidyut asks him what he did. Raj says that Vidyut humiliated Pihu first and now he changed suddenly. Vidyut says he really changed because he realised his mistake. He adds that he stoop so low in ego. He says that he really wants Raj and Pihu to win the competition.

Preesha asks Prem that if he knows Rudraksh. She asks that if Rudraksh sent Prem. Armaan threatens Prem to tell the truth. Prem tells him that he met Vidyut first time in his life. He says that he went to buy things for gardening. And he asked Vidyut about path because he is new to this place. Armaan asks him to stop lying. Ruhi tells him that her father never lies. Prem says that if Armaan really thinks he did wrong then he will quit this job. He adds that he is feeling bad for Ruhi. He apologizes to them and he tries to leave with his luggage.

Preesha stops him and she apologizes to him on behalf of everyone. She says that they overreacted because they knows Vidyut. Prem says he is poor not criminal. Preesha requests him to not leave. He nods at her. Thakurs leaves from there. Saaransh says he thought their game is over. Rudraksh says that they need to be careful.

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