Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st June 2022 Written Update: Preesha gets locked in the washroom


Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Armaan calls Preesha and asks her that how can she leave for Delhi without telling him. Preesha tells him that he would not have allowed her if she told him then. He asks her to return on tonight’s flight.

She tells him that she has to take Pihu to hostel too so she won’t return until she helps Pihu settle in Delhi. He asks her that if she has her medicines. She tells him that she is not irresponsible and she has her medicines. He tells her that she should take her medicines. She tells him that she will take medicines on time and will return after finishing the job and disconnects the call.

Armaan watches breaking news and learns that Rudraksh may reach KD college to attend orientation. He tells Digvijay that he was afraid of this only. He adds that now Preesha is present in the same college with Pihu where Rudraksh may go.

Digvijay tells him that for Preesha, Rudraksh ruined her life. Armaan tells him that Rudraksh loves Preesha still if he learnt that Preesha lost her memory then he will try to bring her memory back and get her. He adds that he need to reach Delhi immediately.

In the college, orientation day program begins. Preesha and Pihu goes to canteen in the lunch break. Fans takes selfies with Rudraksh. Armaan video calls Preesha and asks her about orientation. Preesha tells him that orientation went well and this college is perfect for Pihu.

Pihu apologizes to Armaan. He asks her to take care of Preesha. She tells him that she take care Preesha better than him. He notices Rudraksh in the background and disconnects the call. He thinks that he will reach the college before Rudraksh sees Preesha.

College staff tells Pihu that she is scholarship student so the latter and her guardian will be called upon stage to collect the certificate. She gives flower bouquet to her and leaves from there. Pihu tells Preesha that it’s a flower bouquet and the latter is allergic to flowers so she will throw it. Preesha tells her to keep it with her because it’s a small bouquet.

College staff notices that washroom door gets stuck and he has to repair it. Preesha starts sneezing so she goes to take her medicines. Pihu follows her. Preesha sends her to collect the scholarship certificate. She reaches the washroom and realises that she forgot the medicines in the hotel.

She screams for help when the door gets locked. Rudraksh comes there and he could not hear her voice clearly. He tells her that he will help her and he introduces himself to her. She gets angry hearing him and faints. He goes to call college staff.

Thakkurs reaches the college. Pihu gets surprised seeing them. Armaan learns that Preesha left for washroom and goes to washroom. Rudraksh opens the door with college staff’s help but no one is there. He wonders that where that lady went. Another staff comes there and says that one lady was trapped inside and her husband took her away.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kanchan asks Preesha that why the latter fainted. Preesha tells her that she heard Rudraksh’s name. Other side, Ruhi tells Saaransh that she found Preesha’s handkerchief on the road. Rudraksh’s cousin asks Pihu to not raise her voice. Preesha tells Armaan that she has to give complaint about that guy to Principal. Rudraksh goes to meet the Principal.

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