Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st November 2022 Written Update: Pihu catches Armaan red-handed


Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st November 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Rudraksh informs Ruhi and Saaransh that he did not marry Pihu because he love Preesha. He recalls that how he could not marry Pihu in the court. He takes Pihu alone to talk to her. He tells her that he can’t marry her because without love marriage is useless. He informs her that he still love Preesha and he can’t give Preesha’s place to Pihu. He says that this marriage is wrong because Preesha is everything for him. Pihu reminds him that Preesha moved on in her life. She says that Preesha is staying with Armaan for money. She asks him that why he is betraying her for Preesha. He tells her that he is stopping the marriage because he can’t betray her.

He says that there is a reason that’s why Preesha is staying with Armaan. He adds that love is important for Preesha not money. She reminds him that how he promised to give his name to Vidyut’s child. She says that he should have let her die that day instead of doing this with her. He tells her that death is not a solution for anything. He says that he can’t marry her but she will stay in his house as daughter in law of Khuranas. He says that he will give his name to her and Vidyut’s child. He asks her to understand why he is doing all this. He adds that he won’t let anyone know that she is pregnant with Vidyut’s child. She tells him that she is fine with it if this is what he wants then.

Rudraksh comes to reality and tells kids about his decision. He says that he and Pihu just acting. Ruhi hugs him and praises him. Saaransh tells Rudraksh that he is so proud of him. Rudraksh tells them that they have to save Preesha from Armaan. He says that they can retrieve the video. Later, Rudraksh meets a guy to retrieve the video. He gets angry seeing the video. He says that he won’t spare Armaan for touching Preesha. He returns to house.

Rudraksh and kids plans to show the video to Preesha. Ruhi collides with Pihu and drops the phone. She says that Pihu broke the phone deliberately. Pihu asks her that why she will break the phone. Ruhi is about to tell the truth but Saaransh stops her. Rudraksh takes kids from there. Pihu shows thumps up to Armaan. Armaan thanks her for saving him. She tells him that their goal is same that’s why she is supporting him.

Pihu recalls that how she got Armaan red-handed when he was talking to himself like a normal person. Armaan agrees that he is acting to stay with Preesha. She tells him that their goal is same which is separating Rudraksh and Preesha so they should work together. He learns that Rudraksh retrieved the video and he tells about it to Pihu. Pihu tells Armaan now they don’t have any proof against him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh talks about Ruhi’s birthday planning. Armaan tells Preesha that he also want to attend the party. Preesha notices that Armaan’s life in danger.

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