Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2021 Written Update : Armaan refuses to forgive Preesha


Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2021 Written Update On

Episode begins with Preesha apologizes to Armaan saying that she should not have hided her past. He tells her that he is ready to forgive her and asks her to return Devika and tells her that she will stay in this house as Anvi’s mother that’s it and they are not friends. On the other hand, Rudraksh reaches Khurana mansion. Sharda tells him to not blame himself for anything and asks him that why he stayed with Preesha for 2 days. He cries.

She asks him to not tolerate everything alone and pleads him to share it with her and Sulochana. He tells her that all the wrong thing happening in his life and reveals that how he met Mishka, Ahana and how he and Preesha tried to find out Saaransh thinking that he is alive and cries saying that he is feeling guilty for Devika and he lost Preesha too permanently.

Armaan feels gulity for not able to save Devika and cries. Preesha talks to herself saying that she just wanted Devika’s marriage to happen with Rudraksh so she can stay happy with him but what happened and Armaan won’t forgive her too and apologizes to Devika. Rudraksh also apologizes to Devika saying that he wanted the marriage to stop but he never wished her death for that ( Hamari adhuri kahani song plays in the background ).

Next day, Thakur’s refuses to eat Preesha’s handmade food. Police inspector comes there saying that he has something to tell and asks Thakur’s to call Khurana’s too. Armaan calls Rudraksh and informs him about it. Khurana’s reaches Thakur mansion. Armaan asks Police inspector that what the latter want to say. Police inspector tells him that they got forensic report which proves that Devika didn’t commit suicide but someone murdered her. Everyone shocks hearing him. He reveals that there is a wound in Devika’s back neck and the culprit made it look like it’s a suicide.

Uncle tells him that it’s Rudraksh who murdered Devika. Sulochana tells Police inspector that Rudraksh was with them only all the time and warns Uncle to not blame Rudraksh. Police inspector tells them that they will do the investigation properly and the culprit can’t escape and it’s a murder case now so everyone is murder suspect and they found skin in Devika’s nail so forensic team will come to collect their DNA sample.

Vasudha tells Gopal that Preesha is not picking the call and calls Anvi. Anvi tells her Police came to house and everyone screaming and she is afraid but staff is not allowing her to go to Preesha. Forensic team collects everyone’s DNA sample. Vasudha and Gopal reaches there and gives DNA sample to forensic team. Police inspector asks Armaan about CCTV footage and leaves the mansion. Armaan wonders that who murdered Devika and leaves from there saying that he want to stay alone. Preesha follows him and tries to console him. He asks her to not show fake concern towards him. Rudraksh yells at Armaan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Police inspector tells Armaan that they found the culprit.