Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2022 Written Update: Vanshika helps Rudraksh


Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha takes Vanshika to the hospital. Rudraksh says that he is glad that Preesha don’t know Vanshika and their plan worked. Saaransh and Ruhi praises his plan. He recalls that how he informed Vanshika that he found Preesha. Vanshika gets excited to meet Preesha. He tells her everything. He asks her to help him. He says that she should take Preesha to Dr.Awasthi because he want to know that why Preesha behaving violently with him. He adds that Preesha said that he tried to kill her and he want to know that why she said like that. And he is sure that Armaan did something with Preesha. Vanshika agrees to help him.

Sharda asks Vidyut’s father to not blame Rudraksh. Vidyut’s father hits Vidyut. Vidyut tells his father that he did that in anger and why the latter overreacting. He says that he won’t repeat his mistake and he can’t discontinue his college now. He asks Sharda to convince his father. Sharda tells Vidyut’s father that Vidyut realised his mistake and they can’t ask him to discontinue his studies. Vidyut apologizes to his father. He promises to not repeat his mistake. Vidyut’s father gives last chance to him and leaves from there. Raj blames himself for all the problems.

In the college, Pihu thanks Raj for helping her. Raj tells her that they can’t become friends. She asks him that if he thinks that he did wrong by helping her. He says that he did nothing wrong by revealing the truth but his family suffered so much because of him. So they should stay away from each other and leaves from there. In the hospital, Vanshika asks Preesha to wait and she goes inside. Nurse injects Preesha from behind and the latter faints. Meanwhile, Armaan learns that Preesha left the house. He tracks her location and leaves the house.

Dr. Awasthi tells Rudraksh that Preesha will be unconscious for one hour. And he will try to take all the tests. Rudraksh requests him to find out that why Preesha hates him so much. And the reason behind her violent behaviour towards him and Ruhi. Armaan calls Preesha but no response from other side. He thinks that something is fishy. He calls her again. Vanshika picks the call and she lies to him that they are in the coffee shop and Preesha left for washroom. He wonders that why that girl lying. Vidyut’s friend scolds Raj for exposing Vidyut. Pihu sees that.

Armaan reaches the hospital and he asks Receptionist about Preesha. Rudraksh sees him. He wonders that how Armaan reached there when Vanshika lied to him. Vanshika asks him that what Armaan doing there. Rudraksh understands that Armaan tracked Preesha’s phone. He gives Preesha’s phone to Vanshika and asks her to leave the hospital. Vanshika leaves the hospital. Armaan also leaves the hospital. Rudraksh gets relieved seeing that.

Later, Rudraksh asks Dr. Awasthi about Preesha’s memory loss. Dr. Awasthi tells him that he found medicine in Preesha’s body which can make her forget everything. He adds that she is consuming that medicine everyday. Rudraksh tells him that Preesha remember him. Dr. Awasthi tells him that he need some time to know about it. Rudraksh thinks that Armaan is behind everything for sure.

Episode ends.

Precap – Saaransh scolds Rudraksh for letting Armaan take Preesha with him. Other side, Pihu tells Kanchan that something is fishy because if Rudraksh loves Preesha then why he will torture Preesha. Rudraksh tells kids that they should find out that why Preesha hates him. Saaransh asks him that how they are going to find out that. He points at Preesha. Ruhi gets happy seeing Preesha.

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