Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd March 2021 Written Update: Kabir’s act shocks Ahana and Preesha


Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sulochana says she needs to succeed in exposing Sharda. Kabir asks is she sure that Sharda has extramarital affair because she could be wrong too. She asks then why Sharda will hide it. He says first they has to find out Sharda hiding something or not. She decides to blackmail her to find out. Ahana was sleeping and Kabir lays beside her and touches her inappropriately.

She thinks that’s Mishka and tells her to not do that without seeing him. He touch her again which irks her so she switch on the light and shocks seeing Kabir on her bed and asks what is he doing in her bed and asks why he touched her. He says he thought it’s his room. She screams for help and calls everyone.

Preesha hears her screaming and goes her room and asks what happened and shocks seeing Kabir there and asks what is he doing in Ahana’s room. Ahana says she was sleeping and he touched her inappropriately. He asks how can she think like this about him. She says it’s not first time that he touched her inappropriately.

He says it was so dark so he thought it’s his room and Sulochana was laying in the bed. He says he is telling the truth only and says he knows that he embarrassed her and apologize to her saying she is like his mother figure so how can he misbehave with her. Ahana tells him to leave her room and he leaves from there. Preesha says Kabir misunderstood.

Ahana says he is not kid and says it’s not first time and as a woman she knows if he touched her by mistake but he is not. Preesha thinks without proof she can’t blame anyone. Ahana says Preesha won’t believe her and says there is definitely something fishy about Kabir. Preesha says she believes her so they has to catch Kabir red handed and for that she will help her and tells her to lock the door from inside before sleeping.

Sulochana says she knows that he went to Ahana’s room he also knows that Mishka is not there today. He says he did nothing. She says she already told him to control himself. Next day, Sulochana says she kept puja today and tells Preesha to call her parents. Saaransh gets excited to eat prasad. Sharda receives her and that unknown man’s picture and blackmailer asks her to give money otherwise that person will leak her secret. Sulochana thinks now Sharda will fell on her trap.

Preesha’s parents meets Sulochana and Kabir. Kabir tries to win Rudraksh’s heart and recalls how he read Rajeev’s diary. Sulochana drops the locker key deliberately in front of Sharda. Puja begins and Sharda takes the key and takes out the money from locker and puts the key on table and leaves the house. Sulochana thinks Sharda fell on her trap and says now she is going to expose her and will throw her out of the house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sharda accepts that she took money from locker.