Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd March 2021 Written Update: Sulochana and Kabir follows Sharda


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Episode begins with Sulochana confirms that Sharda took 20lakhs from locker and thinks Kabir should get that money without any issue. Sharda puts the money where he blackmailer told her to do and leaves from there. Kabir comes there and takes that money and thinks Sulochana was right about Sharda. He reaches house and joins for puja and smiles at Sulochana.

Sulochana asks Preesha to bring silver coins from locker because they has to give it to Priest. Preesha sees locker is open already and decides to inform about it to Rudraksh. Sulochana wonders why Preesha is not screaming. Vasudha says she is happy to meet Sulochana and Kabir.

Preesha informs Rudraksh that locker was open already. Sulochana asks Preesha about silver coins. Rudraksh asks Sulochana about locker key. Sulochana searches the key saying it was with her only. Mishka finds the key on table and gives it to Rudraksh. Sulochana asks how it reach there. They goes to check the locker. Saaransh asks why everyone seems tensed. Vasudha assures him saying everything is fine.

Rudraksh checks the locker and says 20lakhs missing. Mishka says it’s huge amount. Ahana asks who can take this much money from locker. Sulochana says it was her mistake, because of her carelessness it happened. Ahana says first they has to find who took the money.

Sulochana says she didn’t took the money and they can check her room if they wants. Ahana says from their house only someone would have took the money. Sulochana says lot of staff working in their house. Preesha says they should not suspect them and Rudraksh says he also trust them completely.

Ahana says we have three new members in their house and asks what if Sonia took the money. Rudraksh says Sonia didn’t took the money because she was with them in puja. Kabir says he knows Sonia very well she can’t do something like that. Sulochana asks about Sharda. Kabir says what if Sharda took the money.

Ahana gets angry hearing him. Sulochana slaps him and asks why Sharda will take the money. Sharda who came there says she took the money. Rudraksh says she didn’t said about it to anyone. She asks does she have to get anyone’s permission before taking money from her locker.

He says he didn’t mean that. She says he gave the key to Sulochana so she need not to ask others for money but now she has to ask others for money or what. He apologize to her and hugs her. Preesha asks her to not feel bad. Sharda says Sulochana dropped the key so she put that on the table. Sulochana tells Kabir that her plan flopped. Kabir says they got 20lakhs and Sharda definitely hiding something from them. She says they need to find the proof against Sharda.

Rudraksh and Ahana leaves for office. Kabir says he will join them later after meeting his friend. Sharda goes to meet her friend. Sulochana and Kabir follows Sharda and reaches hotel and gets to know the room number of Kajendar. Sulochana tells the Waiter to record what’s happening in room number 201. Sharda tells Kajendar about blackmailer. Kajendar spills tea on his shirt and Sharda asks him to give the shirt to him saying she will wash it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh gets Sharda and Kajendar’s video and Sulochana says maybe Sharda having an affair with him.