Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Nitya tries to slap Kaashvi


Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd September 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mahima and her cousins make fun of Mohit’s dance steps. Arjun tells them that Mohit is trying his best to learn dance steps. Police comes there. Police commissioner tells Nitya that he received complain against her. Police inspector informs Nitya about Golu’s mother complain. Nitya tells them that she was just following the protocol. Police commissioner says that Kaashvi is witness according to Golu’s mother.

Jagdeesh asks him that what’s the solution for this problem. Police commissioner says that case will be dismissed if Kaashvi don’t give statement against Nitya then. And says committee will decide Nitya’s punishment and leaves from there. Nitya warns Kaashvi to not give statement against her. She says that she won’t let stupid woman ruin her career. Arjun asks her to not get angry at Kaashvi. Jagdeesh asks Nitya to calm down. Nitya goes inside.

Jagdeesh takes Kaashvi inside. He asks her that what exactly happened. Kaashvi tells him everything. He tells her to not forget the responsibility of daughter in law of this house. He requests her to not give statement against Nitya. He says that he know Kaashvi won’t do anything wrong with this family and Nitya. He leaves from there.

Later, Kaashvi cries hugging Dadi. She tells Dadi that she is not understanding what she should do. She asks her that how can she leave Golu’s mother. Dadi tells her to do what is right. She says that Nayantara stood for the truth always. She adds that path of truth is difficult to walk.

Next day, Nitya tells Kaashvi that she sacrificed a lot for the career. She says that it’s Kaashvi’s responsibility to support her. Romila tells her that Kaashvi won’t go against the latter.

In front of committee members Nitya says that she was doing her duty and she is feeling bad for Golu’s death. Committee member asks that if Golu died because of Nitya. Nitya thinks that Kaashvi won’t give statement against her. Kaashvi tells committee member that Nitya stopped the auto and doctor said they could have stopped Golu’s bleeding if they admitted Golu before 15 minutes then. She says that Golu died because of Nitya’s order. Nitya tells committee members that Kaashvi is just a trainee and she is an experienced officer who know about duty. Committee member says that Golu died because of Nitya’s wrong decision. He suspend her temporarily. Nitya tells him that this is not fair. He tells her that special team will investigate this case.

Nitya scolds Kaashvi for giving statement against her. She says that Kaashvi is nothing. She adds that she did mistake by treating Kaashvi as daughter. Kaashvi tells her that wrong happened with Golu’s family. She says that she supported the truth. Nitya tries to slap Kaashvi but Arjun holds the former’s hand.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nitya tells Arjun that she is suspended because of Kaashvi’s statement. She asks Arjun to throw Kaashvi out of the house. Mohit’s mother tells Dadi that she wants to take virginity test of Mahima.