Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th January 2023 Written Update: Samrat decides to support Revati’s plan


Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Samrat asks Nayantara to become Aliya’s care taker or else she has to see Ishani rot in jail permanently. Nayantara tells him that she will serve Aliya. He asks her to begin her work. He orders her to give massage to Aliya’s legs. He thinks that he want Nayantara to suffer more than Aliya and its just a beginning. Revati tells Nayantara to do well. She tells Samrat that now Nayantara will understand her place.

Later, Nayantara reaches her house and she decides to hide the truth from her family. Malati asks her to talk to Samrat once. Nayantara tells her that no use of it and they should meet a lawyer. Malati tells her that she know a lawyer. They decides to meet lawyer tomorrow.

Next day, Revati sends Samrat to bring medicines for Aliya. She tells Aliya that Samrat left so the latter can get up. Aliya gets up from the bed and walks. She says that she is relieved finally. She thanks her for sending Samrat out. Revati tells her that Samrat should not know that the latter is acting. Meanwhile, Samrat realises that his wallet is in his car and he returns to get car key. He gets shocked seeing Aliya standing. He asks Aliya that what’s happening there.

Revati tells him that she will tell the truth to him. She says that Aliya is absolutely fine and everything was drama. Samrat asks her that why they betrayed him. She tells him that they wanted to make Ishani and Mohit suffer. She reveals that Aliya’s suicide was drama too. Aliya says that they bribed doctor to lie. Samrat says that he literally died in worry and Ishani and Mohit don’t deserves to stay in jail. He adds that they can’t ruin Mohit and Ishani’s life.

Revati scolds him for taking their side. He tells her that he can even die for his family. She tells him to support them in their plan. She reminds him that they insulted him and his family. He tells her that it’s not right to take revenge like this.

Aliya tells Samrat that he don’t understand her pain. She says that Mohit broke her heart for Ishani. She tells him that she want revenge for the humiliation she faced. She says that she is not habituated to rejection and she want Mohit to return to her. She adds that she want Ishani to suffer like her. Samrat consoles her. He asks her to forget Mohit because he don’t love her.

Revati tells Samrat that he should trust her and Aliya only because other women are golddiggers. She asks him to choose between his family and Nayantara. Samrat tells her that he will choose his family always. He agrees to support in Revati’s plan. Revati hugs him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Lawyer refuses to take the case. Samrat tells Nayantara that he won’t change his decision. He tells Mohit to divorce Ishani and marry Aliya if the latter want to get released then.

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