Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th March 2021 Written Update: Sharda slaps Sulochana


Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sharda asks Gajendra to remove his shirt so she can wash it and Waiter records it. She tells Waiter to not disturb them saying if they want anything then they will call. Preesha decides to talk to Sharda and thinks definitely she is in some problem and wanna know why she needed that huge amount. Waiter gives the recording to Sulochana. Kabir wants him to not tell anyone about it. They shocks seeing the video. Kabir says he never thought that Sharda can stoop this low. She says no one would have thought it and asks him to imagine how Rudraksh will react seeing this video.

Sulochana says she made lunch for everyone that’s why she invited them. Preesha asks about Sharda. Sulochana says Sharda went to meet her friend and goes to take her medicine and sends Sharda’s video to Rudraksh. Rudraksh shocks seeing the video. Ahana and Preesha asks what happened. Rudraksh asks Sonia and Saaransh to go inside and shows the video to Preesha and others. Sulochana acts like she is shocked seeing the video and says she can’t believe that Sharda can do something like this and says seems like Sharda has affair with him. Preesha says that’s not possible.

Ahana says Sharda won’t do something like that. Preesha says without knowing the truth they can’t suspect her and they doesn’t know about her relationship with him. Rudraksh says she saw the video and it’s clearly visible that what kind of relationship she shares with him. Preesha says she believes Sharda. Ahana agrees with her. Rudraksh says that person send hotel address too. Sulochana says they should go and see. Preesha says they can wait until Sharda returns.

Rudraksh leaves for hotel. Kabir says they has to check every room and Rudraksh agrees with him. Preesha says Sharda is Rudraksh’s mother then why he is not trusting her and says they should return to house and Sharda will tell the truth to them. He says he won’t go anywhere without knowing the truth. She thinks he is doing wrong and he will regret later.

Rudraksh shocks seeing Gajendra and asks him about Sharda. Sharda asks what are they doing there. Rudraksh asks Sharda about Gajendra. Sulochana says she never thought that she will see Sharda with some man like this in hotel room and badmouth about her character. Sharda slaps her. Rudraksh gets angry and asks Sharda to prove Sulochana wrong first. Sharda says she won’t explain herself. Rudraksh says then Sulochana was right about her. Sharda hurts hearing him and says Gajendra is her brother. She says he is drug addict and helping him to get rid of his addiction and cries.

Preesha asks why she tolerated everything alone. Sharda says if this news came out it then it may affect Rudraksh’s career that’s why. She informs about blackmailer too. Gajendra apologize to them. Rudraksh says he should apologize because it was his mistake. Preesha admits Gajendra in rehabilitation centre and informs about it to Sharda. She says Sharda should have shared the problem with her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha decides to find the Blackmailer.