Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th March 2022 Written Update: Vaijayanti collects proof against Preesha


Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vaijayanti informs Preesha that she prepone the court hearing so tomorrow they have to reach the court. She tells her that from tomorrow the latter can begin her new life and she leaves from there. Saaransh asks Preesha that what are they going to do because they don’t have any proof against Vaijayanti but court hearing is tomorrow. Rudraksh and Ruhi returns from shopping. Ruhi informs Preesha about shopping. Rudraksh sends Ruhi and Saaransh inside. He tells Preesha that Ruhi is his daughter too so the latter can’t come in between him and Ruhi. He learns that tomorrow is court hearing from his lawyer Khatri. He tells Preesha that tomorrow she will end up in jail and leaves from there. Saaransh hears that.

After some time, everyone gathers to have dinner. Vaijayanti tells Preesha that she made the latter’s favourite sweet dish. She spikes Preesha’s sweet dish. Preesha feels sleepy after eating it. Vaijayanti and Sharda sends Preesha to take rest. Vaijayanti thinks that once Preesha sleeps she can collect proof against Preesha to prove her as murderer in the court. Later, Vaijayanti takes her gun out and tells herself that she murdered Venky with this gun only.

She plans to get Preesha’s fingerprint in the gun to prove her as Venky’s murderer. She goes to Preesha’s room and sees Preesha sleeping. She takes Preesha’s fingerprint on the gun and leaves from there. She puts that gun at Khatri’s house with message which states that Preesha used this gun to murder Venky. Khatri sees the gun and also reads the message. Vaijayanti tells herself that tomorrow no one can save Preesha.

Next day, Rudraksh tells Sharda that today he will win in the court for sure and leaves from there. Vaijayanti tells Preesha that they will win today. They reaches the court. Preesha tells Vaijayanti that Khatri looks so confident. Vaijayanti asks her to not worry. Gopal and Vasudha comes there. Vasudha acts like she is still angry at Preesha. Yuvraj sees everything. Vasudha and Gopal prays to God for Preesha.

Court hearing begins. Vaijayanti tells Judge that no proof exists to prove Preesha as Venky’s murderer so he should release Preesha. Khatri tells Judge that he have proof against Preesha. Yuvraj thinks that Vaijayanti’s plan is too good. Khatri shows the gun and informs judge that he found the gun which used to murder Venky and this gun has Preesha’s fingerprint. It proves that Preesha is Venky’s murderer. Vaijayanti tells Judge that Police found one gun only in the murder spot. Khatri tells Judge that Preesha had two guns with her that day. He submits the forensic report to judge.

Yuvraj wonders that how Vaijayanti found this gun. Preesha says that she didn’t murder Venky and asks Vaijayanti to say something. Vaijayanti tells her that the latter should not have lied to her. She apologizes to Rudraksh for not believing him. She tells Judge that she withdraw herself from this case because she want to fight for truth only.

Episode ends.

Precap – Gopal tells Judge that he want to say something. Saaransh tells Judge that he want to show him something.

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