Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th February : Rudraksh starts to annoy Preesha at every moment

Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Episode begins with Rudraksha brings the components necessary for breakfast so that Preesha can make it for Saransh. The two Rudraksha and Preesha bring the food items for Saransh on the table and he begins to eat as he’s hungry. The mother of Rudraksh claims to Saransh you can sit and eat the meals as status while consuming food isn’t good.

Preesha asks Saransh to have his meals while she’s going upstairs to take her purse. Rudraksh stopped her and asks where are you going today? She says I must return to my clinic since it was long I did not see there and moreover, I wish to restart my job.

Rudraksh goes and brings mop and bucket for her and says I have better jobs for you, simply clean this house as I fired all of the housemaids so today as a kid -in-law you must care for the household chores. Preesha knows that his motive would be to touch her so she can get fed up with him and leaves the home without Saransh.

She celebrities to do things when Saransh says will my mom do these work alone? I’ll also help her and he begins to do the job together with Preesha and Yuvraj did not stop him at all. On the opposite side, Vasudha and GPS see the home of Rudraksh to give away Preesha her clothes and stuff and they get stunned to see the condition of their daughter and grandson.

Balraj claims to GPS if you’re having problem with how we’re behaving with your daughter then you may take her away from here, we are not going to stop you. Saransh says to his mother he can not live without her she should not go away leaving him alone .

Preesha claims to her parents that they ought to go away from hello she’ll manage herself. She’s out with them and says it is merely a strategy of Rudraksh tochan me like this so I went from the house without branch and he can keep him for the whole life.

She promised to herself that I won’t go away from the house without my son and I must take the custody back from rudraksh and he’ll give me and that’s a promise. Preesha attempts to put her things in almirah of Rudraksha shares and stocks I don’t have any space left in my cabinet.

Preesha shows him the distance, he retained some files in the cabinet to fill the empty place and says now it’s no more empty and both of these shows attitude to one another. Yuvraj check his bank accounts and find out that his accounts have very minimal equilibrium level along with his credit card limit is finished.

Hey understand he is almost finished financially and as he isn’t able to practice his attorney ship, he must catch the trust fund of Saransh by anyhow. He calls Preesha to have a talk with her again so she comes under his sway but she says to him straight it will be better if he does not call her anymore and she’s busy searching for a college for Saransh online. Yuvraj gets offended with this.

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