Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th March 2022 Written Update: Vaijayanti confesses her crime


Yeh Hai Chahatein 25th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vaijayanti withdraw herself from Preesha’s case saying that she don’t want to fight for murderer. Preesha tells her that she didn’t murder Venky. Judge announces that proof proves that it’s Preesha who murdered Venky. He is about to give the verdict but Gopal stops him and tells him that he want to show him something. He says that this video will prove that who is real murderer of Venky. Then he submits the video. In the video Vaijayanti takes Preesha’s fingerprint on the gun and also she puts that gun outside Khatri’s house. Everyone gets shocked seeing that video. Yuvraj thinks that the game has been changed.

Preesha asks Vaijayanti that why the latter deceived her. Judge asks Vaijayanti that why she want her client to get punished. Gopal asks Judge to investigate Vaijayanti. Vaijayanti says that she was just trying to save Preesha. Preesha asks her to stop lying. She says that she knows that Vaijayanti want to send her to jail. Vaijayanti tells her that it’s not like that. Saaransh comes there and says that Preesha is right about Vaijayanti.

Yuvraj thinks that, that day Saaransh overheard his and Vaijayanti’s conversation
for sure and now no one can save Vaijayanti. Saaransh reveals to Vaijayanti that he overheard her and Yuvraj’s conversation that day. Vaijayanti tells him that it’s not like that. Preesha slaps her. She tells Judge that it’s Vaijayanti who murdered Venky. Rudraksh asks her that what’s happening here.

Saaransh goes to witness box and tells Judge that he saw Vaijayanti spiking Preesha’s sweet dish. He makes noise by throwing vase to divert her attention. She goes out to check it. He exchanges the sweet dish bowls using that chance and leaves from kitchen before Vaijayanti sees him. Then he takes the spiked sweet dish bowl to eat and takes it to his room. He tells himself that he won’t let Vaijayanti win no matter what. He message Preesha everything and asks her to act like she is feeling sleepy after eating the sweet dish.

Later, Saaransh tells Preesha that he threw that sweet dish in dustbin. She tells him that tonight Vaijayanti will come to her room to execute the plan. He puts the mobile on the table to record and asks her to act like sleeping. He tells her that she is not alone this time. She hugs him ( Title song plays in the background ). He leaves the room and hides there. He notices Vaijayanti sneaking into Preesha’s room. He calls Gopal and tells him everything. After some time, Gopal follows Vaijayanti and records her actions.

Saaransh submits the book in which Vaijayanti was hiding her gun. Vaijayanti tells Judge that everything is lie. Preesha asks her to stop lying. Vaijayanti reveals that how she saw Venky trying to shot Rudraksh so to save Rudraksh she shot Venky. Judge announces that he will give his final verdict after a break.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bullies troubles Ruhi. Driver informs Sharda that Ruhi is not in her school.

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