Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th February : Ahana tries to trap Saransh and Preesha

yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Episode starts with Preesha is speaking to Yuvraj on the phone call and she says to him I can’t come and meet you in this point of time since I’m married and now I’m no more a normal girl but Mrs. Preesha Khurana. She says Rudraksh is searching for opportunities to learn a reason to throw me from the home. Currently I can’t afford this, until and unless I get back the custody of Saransh from Rudraksh I won’t take any risk. She explained to Yuvraj that for the time being I won’t meet you until I got Saransh back. Yuvraj says it is about time there was a time she used to plead for my kindness and today she’s throwing attitude at me.

Saransh is sitting at the Hall of the home and is thinking that I am feeling quite bored because there’s absolutely no one in this house with whom I can perform. I wish I can be in my college then I’ll have the ability to play and meet so many friends. Ahana noticed it and she gets a strategy to snare Saransh and Preesha together and make them from the house as soon as possible. She chooses Saransh into the area of Balraj and gives him the workplace papers to shred these in the shred machine in the name of earning snow. Saransh finds it quite funny and interesting and he begins to shred all of the papers he received around him at the shredding machine and is playing with the newspaper bits.

Bunty and Bubbles informed Preesha and Rudra about their marriage plans and stated that we’ve fixed a date to get married to one another. Preesha was really excited for the union of bubbles and she was going to inform her parents about the same when she heard noises from home as Balraj noticed Saransh in his office room and he got mad with him.

Preesha asks him what did my son do that you’re becoming angry with him this much? Balraj says that your son shredded all my contract newspapers that are important and worth of crore in rupees. Science says to them that I don’t have any fault here I was told by Aahana aunty I can make snow this manner. Aahana comes and obviously denies her participation in this entire mess. \]]

Balraj says that the two of you can’t remain in this house and will throw them out when unexpectedly he finds individuals from child welfare committee at the doorway measures to enquire about Saransh and the actions of child labour is going on in the home. Rudraksh fortunately reached the house in the primary moment and he detected all these. He comes from behind and handles the situation as much as he can. Isase to Prashant I am putting up and behave and it’s going to be better if you do the same. He explained to the women of this committee that nobody made Saransh do the household chores in actuality, we all are becoming fed up with his endless tantrums at the home.

Preesha somehow also agrees with Rudraksha for the greater good. Balraj also websites by both of these and sales we’re a loving family and enjoys my daughter-in-law and my grandson so much. He attempts to understand who did the criticism against them all of a sudden when GPS and Vasudha comes from behind and says we lodge the complaint because we’ve seen how my daughter and grandson have been treated in this home. All of these come in the house and the situation is getting tensed batch Rudraksh is trying his best to take the situation in his hands.