Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th March 2021 Written Update: Rudraksh yells at Sonia


Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rudraksh tells Preesha that they should start their next phase of life now and plans to celebrate honeymoon after award ceremony. He asks her to answer him. She feels shy and runs from there saying she won’t answer now. Sulochana asks about Rudraksh while having breakfast.

Preesha says he went out but he didn’t said anything to her. Rudraksh who came there says he didn’t said anything because it was surprise and says he went to collect the clothes he ordered for everyone and says they has to wear this for the music award ceremony.

He gives it to everyone and says he, Saaransh and Kabir going to wear same outfit. Kabir thanks him and says it was not needed. Rudraksh says he and Rajeev used to wear like that and now Kabir has to join him. Kabir says Rudraksh loves him so much and he was missing this love till now. He gives dress to Sonia saying she is his first student so she is so special for him. She gets happy thinking she is special person for him.

Sulochana tells Kabir that Balraj’s death gave happiness to them and says by showing fake love to Rudraksh she will transfer all the properties on her name. He says if Rudraksh doesn’t have anything on his name. She gets confused hearing him. He says before dying Balraj transferred all the properties on Saaransh’s name and Rudraksh just getting monthly salary and says he got to know about this will today only. He says only Saaransh’s mother will get everything which is Preesha. She gets worried and says now what they are going to do.

Rudraksh reminds Preesha about their honeymoon. Saaransh comes there and says Sharda calling her. Rudraksh says Saaransh’s timing is wrong always. Preesha asks him to not cancel the suite. Sonia gives gift to Rudraksh. Rudraksh makes Sulochana wear Sharda’s necklace without her permission. He tells Preesha to get ready. He gets call from organizer so Preesha tells him to go first saying she will join him later.

Ahana struggles to close her blouse hook and asks Mishka to help her. Kabir who comes there and close it and touch her. She turns around and shocks seeing him and yells at him saying how many times she warned him to not touch her. He says she only asked for help that’s why he helped her. She says she asked help from Mishka. He says she is looking sexy in this outfit.

In award ceremony, Rudraksh gives credit to Sulochana for his nomination and introduces her to Media. Sharda feels bad and was about to leave from there but Rudraksh stops her and gives her credit too. Ahana tells Preesha that she didn’t like her saree and asks Preesha to exchange the saree with her. Rudraksh says he is going to introduce new singer too.

Preesha waits for Ahana in hall. Kabir backhugs Preesha assuming her as Ahana. Preesha shocks with his misbehaviour and slaps him. He wonders how he is going to escape now. Rudraksh waits for Preesha. Sonia says he didn’t compliment her. He yells at her and tells her to leave him alone. Ahana asks what happened to Preesha. Preesha tells her everything.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kabir says he loves Ahana. Ahana says she also loves Kabir.

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