Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th April 2021 Written Update: Rudraksh learns that Preesha asked Yuvraj to marry Ahana


Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kabir locks himself in the room. Sulochana gets worried for him and pleads him to open the door. Rudraksh also asks Kabir to open the door. Kabir says to him that he want to stay alone for some time and pleads him to understand. Ahana says to Rudraksh that she can’t stay with Yuvraj for 6 months. He says to her that she need not to stay with Yuvraj and he will talk to Gopal to resolve the problem. Sonia asks him that why he is going to talk about it to Gopal. He informs her that Gopal is ex judge and he is going to talk to Preesha. She reveals that Preesha is behind everything. Everyone shocks hearing her.

Sonia says to him that she heard Preesha and Yuvraj’s conversation and it’s Preesha who asked Yuvraj to marry Ahana. He asks her that does she even know what is she saying. She says to him that if he won’t believe her then he can ask Preesha. He says to her that it can’t be true and leaves from there. Mishka follows him and others follows him. Sulochana curses Preesha and yells at Kabir for locking himself in the room then she follows Rudraksh. Ahana stays with Kabir.

Rudraksh questions Preesha about Ahana and Yuvraj’s marriage. He pleads her to say that she is not involved in that. She accepts that she brought Yuvraj. He asks her that why she betrayed everyone and he won’t forgive her for this. Sharda says to him to ask about Preesha’s intentions. Preesha says to him that she don’t trust Sulochana and Kabir. She talks about what all Sulochana did and reveals that Kabir can walk since beginning and he was just using Rudraksh. She says to him that she even confirmed that with Doctor that’s why she took Kabir to the Chennai hospital. Sulochana asks her that why she is saying all this.

Rudraksh asks Preesha to prove her each and every word and he ask her to call the Doctor. Preesha calls Doctor Swami and learns that he is busy with his surgery. He says to her that he would have trusted her if Doctor talked to him then. Sulochana says to him that till now only Preesha used to insult them but now he is also suspecting them and she decides to leave the house. He says to her that he trust her but Preesha is his wife and he trust his wife equally so he will take decision after finding the truth.

Yuvraj talks to himself saying that he just wants Saaransh’s custody and searches Ahana to talk about the deal and collides with Sulochana. She yells at him. And they searches Kabir and Ahana.

Preesha tries to talk to Rudraksh. He says to her that nothing left to talk now because she already said so many things and he never thought that she will do something like this with him and his family. She says to him that her intention is not to hurt him and pleads him to believe her. He says to her that if his trust broke then their relationship will broke too and they can’t stay together ( Title song sad version plays in the background ).

Episode ends.

Precap – Mishka informs Rudraksh that Kabir and Ahana run away. Rudraksh asks Preesha to stay in Gopal’s house for few days.

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