Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th November 2022 Written Update: Preesha confesses the truth


Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th November 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Dr. Khanna tells Rudraksh that Armaan is stable mentally. Rudraksh asks him that why Preesha believed Armaan’s old scan report. Saaransh gives Armaan’s old scan report to Dr. Khanna saying that he stole it from Preesha’s room. Dr. Khanna sees the old scan report and says that this report belongs to someone else not Armaan. He explains the difference between two scan reports. He says that Preesha will understand this after seeing the reports. Rudraksh says that Armaan betrayed Preesha again. He asks Dr. Khanna to come to Khurana house and show the scan report to Preesha. Dr. Khanna nods at him.

Preesha searches Armaan in the house and wonders that where he went. She learns that kids and Rudraksh are also not in the house. She asks about them to Sharda. Sharda tells her that Rudraksh and Saaransh went out for carpet cleaning. Rudraksh brings the unconscious Armaan. Everyone gets shocked seeing Armaan in the carpet. Preesha asks that what happened to Armaan. Rudraksh tells her that today he can prove his claims against Armaan. He says that Armaan is acting like a kid.

She tells him that she saw Armaan’s brain scan report. He tells her that he has proof. Dr. Khanna enters the house. He tells Preesha that Rudraksh is right about Armaan. He gives both scan reports to Preesha. Preesha sees those reports and wonders that why Armaan lied to her. Rudraksh tells her that Armaan is normal. Preesha cries saying that Armaan betrayed her again. She slaps Armaan then stops herself. He tells her that Armaan took advantage of her good nature.

He reveals that what Armaan did when Preesha was sleeping. He says that Armaan was using Preesha’s emotions. Preesha recalls that how Armaan used to behave like a kid. He tells her that Armaan is a monster. He asks her that why she stopped from hitting Armaan. Ruhi tells Preesha that Armaan broke their happy family. Saaransh asks Preesha to punish Armaan. They asks her to beat Armaan up.

Rudraksh asks Preesha that why she is not punishing Armaan. Sharda tells Rudraksh that Preesha won’t do anything due to Armaan’s money. She asks him to not expect much from Preesha because she married Armaan for money.

Preesha says that she hate Armaan and she can’t do anything. She says that she don’t want Armaan’s money. She adds that Armaan has her child that’s why she is with him. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. She says that Armaan know where is her child. Rudraksh tells her that Revati stole their child. She tells him that Armaan helped Revati to stole their child so Armaan know everything. She reveals that how she met Armaan in the jail and learnt about her child.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha shows the scan report to Armaan. She asks him that why he betrayed her. Armaan tells Preesha that he did everything to stay with her. Rudraksh asks Armaan to leave the house. Armaan reminds Rudraksh that Khurana house belongs to Armaan.

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