Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th March 2021 Written Update: Preesha fails to expose Sulochana


Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th March 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kabir asks Ahana to marry him if she wants Saaransh’s custody then. She gets angry hearing him and pushes him. He tells her to calm down and says he knows that she don’t like him. She says she hates him and asks him to leave her room. He says he knows that she hates him and after marriage too she can hate him. She asks how can he expect that she will trust him. He says they can sign contract papers and he won’t touch her if wants then.

She says it’s obvious that she won’t let him touch her and asks why he is doing all this. He says he and and Sulochana came for Rudraksh’s properties only. She says she knew it but no one believed her. He asks her to think about his offer and says she can take 60% share. She accepts his offer on a condition that he should not touch her. He tells everything to Sulochana.

Preesha asks Ahana that why she changed her statement in front of Rudraksh. Ahana says she loves Kabir and says she expects her to understand her. She says when Kabir came to her life she thought she also can lead a happy and normal life like others. Preesha says if this is what Ahana wants then she won’t say anything. Ahana thanks her for understanding and hugs her. Preesha thinks she knows that Ahana lying and hiding something from her and she will find out that. Ahana thinks once she gets properties she will throw Kabir from her life.

Sulochana tells Kabir that she can sleep peacefully wearing this diamond necklace. He yells at her and tells her to not spoil his plan. Next day, Sharda asks Sulochana about her diamond necklace saying she has to keep that in locker. Sulochana searches the necklace in her cupboard and says it’s missing. Sharda informs Preesha about it. Sulochana says Sharda won’t get this necklace and hides that in Kabir’s wheelchair. Preesha sees that and wonders why she is doing this and decides to tell about it to Rudraksh.

Sharda informs Rudraksh about necklace. Rudraksh says it must be in the house only and they can find it. Preesha says she saw when Sulochana was hiding the necklace in Kabir’s wheelchair. He says won’t tolerate these fake accusation against Sulochana. She says she is telling the truth and she can prove that today. Preesha says she want to check something in Kabir’s wheelchair and starts searching but didn’t find the necklace. She questions Sulochana. Sulochana starts crying and says she will leave this house. Ahana yells at Preesha for blaming Sulochana.

Preesha says she saw Sulochana hiding the necklace in Kabir’s wheelchair. Ahana says they should check Sharda’s room also. Sharda says Sulochana didn’t gave the necklace to her. Ahana finds that necklace in Sharda’s room and says maybe Sharda was lying. Rudraksh defends Sharda. Ahana scolds Sulochana and says she saw Preesha outside Kabir’s room otherwise now Rudraksh would have throw them out of the house.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ahana’s engagement.

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