Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Samrat spots Nayantara in Khurana house


Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd February 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Revati and Seema brings Ishani to the marriage mandap. Samrat goes to take the gathbandhan duppata. Nayantara tells herself that finally Mohit and Ishani going to marry. She collides with Samrat and her fake wig gets removed. Samrat removes her fake moustache. He tells her that he knew she will come to stop the marriage but he did not expect her in this getup. He says that she is oversmart that’s why she got caught. He tries to drag her to lock her in the room. But she pushes him and runs from there. She steals waitress outfit and wears it. Then she wears mask to hide her face.

Samrat searches Nayantara. Revati asks him to stand near the marriage mandap. Priest notices Ishani’s sandal and asks her to remove it. Seema removes Ishani’s sandal. Samrat notices Ishani’s legs and wonders that why Aliya did not wear the anklets he gifted her. Seema helps Ishani to perform marriage rituals. Mohit wonders that why Seema is helping Aliya when she know he love Ishani.

Samrat notices Ishani’s tattoo and he realises that Ishani took Aliya’s place to marry Mohit. He understands that Nayantara is behind this. He thinks that if he exposed Ishani then Mohit will get to know about Aliya’s secret so he has to find a way to stop this marriage. He takes Revati aside and tells her that Ishani is sitting beside Mohit. Revati asks him that how it happened. He informs her that Nayantara is behind this. He says that Nayantara will expose Aliya’s secret if they exposed Ishani then. She tells him that they just have one way to outsmart Nayantara.

She asks him to take Mohit’s place and marry Ishani. He tells her that he is already married to Nayantara. She tells him that he has to do this for Aliya. She says that in this way they can teach a lesson to both Nayantara and Ishani. He hesiates to marry Ishani. She asks him that if he started liking Nayantara. He tells her that he don’t care about Nayantara. She tells him that he has to do this to save Aliya.

He agrees to take Mohit’s place and asks her that how they are going to do that. She asks him to not worry because she will take care of it. She tells Priest to stop it. She says that she just got to know that Aliya is manglik. Priest asks them to do Mohit’s marriage with tree first to avoid the problems. Revati tells Samrat to take Mohit with him. She tells Seema to stay with Aliya. And she follows Mohit, Samrat and Priest.

Mohit says that he don’t want to do all this. Samrat tells him that it’s necessary. Ishani asks Seema that what if anything goes wrong. Seema asks her to not worry. Nayantara sees Mohit marrying tree.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nayantara searches Samrat and she learns that he took Mohit’s place. Priest announces that marriage rituals completed.

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