Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Raghav puts the blame on Ishani


Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mansi says that Ishani trapped Raghav. She demands the truth from her. Ishani cries. She recalls that how she felt dizzy and Raghav took her to his room. She tells everything to Nayantara. And she don’t remember what happened after that. Nayantara tells Raghav that she know he did something. Raghav tells her that he just helped Ishani and it’s Ishani who started everything and he could not stop himself. She warns him to not say like that because Ishani is not that kind of person. He tells her that he is telling the truth and he even forgot about his marriage. Mohit beat Raghav up. Nayantara asks him to stop it saying that law will punish Raghav.

On the other hand, Malati wonders that why no one is picking the call. She prays to God for Ishani and Nayantara’s safety. Aliya asks her that why the latter is looking sad. Malati tells her that she is worried about Nayantara and Ishani. Aliya tells her that everyone knows what Ishani and Nayantara are doing. She shows the breaking news of Raghav and Ishani’s scandal. Malati gets shattered seeing the breaking news. Aliya badmouth about Ishani. She says that Mohit will hate Ishani from now on.

Raghav takes the gun and threatens to shoot Mohit. Samrat scolds Mohit for losing his control. He tells him that they will proceed everything legally. Raghav claims that he did not forced Ishani and he can prove it. He asks Ishani that if she ever felt he touched her with bad intention or misbehaved with her. Ishani says that she don’t remember anything like that. He asks them to trust him now. He recalls that how he spiked Ishani’s water so she don’t remember anything. He says that Ishani made the first move. She tells him that she love Mohit only. He tells her that she came to him in her intoxicated state. She tells Nayantara that she did not drank and she is sure Raghav drugged her.

He asks that what proof they have that he drugged Ishani. She cries saying that she don’t remember anything. And everything is over. She blames Raghav for everything. He fills Ishani’s forehead with vermilion. Everyone gets shocked seeing that. Media reporters barges into the room and records everything. Raghav tells Ishani that he will marry her. Ishani tells him that she won’t marry him. She says that this vermilion don’t have any value. He asks her that what’s her problem. She tells him that she hate him and he will be punished for his fault.

Nayantara tells Ishani that she is with her. Mansi asks Raghav that how can he do this with her. She reminds him that she is pregnant with his child. Raghav accepts that women are his weakness. He asks her to stop her drama because she know what kind of person he is. She slaps him. She tells him that she won’t spare him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nayantara tells Samrat that Raghav planned all this for her and she has to trap Raghav. Aliya tells Mansi that she will get Mohit and the latter will get Samrat. Mansi says that she and Samrat will become happy family.

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