Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th August 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh gets training


Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha opens the washroom door and she goes inside. MK thinks that Preesha will scream if Rudraksh did not escape yet then. On the other hand, Rudraksh recalls how he escaped from washroom through window.

He spots Armaan outside MK make-up studio. He realises that he is in gardener make-up. He decides to check that Armaan can identify him or not. He covers himself with car cover and walks beside Armaan. He gets relieved that Armaan did not identify him.

Armaan calls him and tells him that the latter dropped his handkerchief. Rudraksh changes his voice and says that, that’s not his handkerchief and leaves from there. He meets his kids and Vanshika. He informs them that Preesha did not see him. He reveals that how Armaan did not identify him. He says that Ruhi’s plan worked. They leaves from there.

Later, Rudraksh tells his kids that he is tired so he needs to take rest. He asks them to go to sleep. Ruhi tells him that they can’t sleep tonight. She says that Rudraksh did not become a gardener yet. Saaransh says that Rudraksh has to learn to walk and talk like a gardener. He adds that Rudraksh needs training. Rudraksh says that he don’t need any training. Ruhi tells him that he has to live at Armaan’s house so this training is important.

Rudraksh asks them that what he has to do now. Saaransh shows video to him. He teaches him to walk like a gardener ( Golmaal song plays in the background ). Rudraksh watches gardening video. He says that he can’t learn everything in one night.

Ruhi tells him that he is her super father so he can do it. She asks him to focus on learning things. She says that their mission is Preesha. Rudraksh gets motivated and he watches videos ( Title song plays in the background ). Kids falls asleep.

Next day, Rudraksh disguises as gardener and goes to Armaan’s house. He gives gardening lessons to Preesha ( Maine tera naam dil rakh diya song plays in the background ). He tells her that she learnt it. Preesha tells him that looks like he loves gardening. She adds that she is glad Kanchan hired him. He thanks her. He says that plants are like relationships.

She removes his fake beard and she gets shocked seeing him. She asks him that what is he doing there and why can’t he leave her alone. She tells him to leave from there. He asks her to not say like that. He says that he is her husband. He adds that he and their kids loves her so much. She pushes him and faints. And it turns out to be Rudraksh’s dream.

Ruhi comes there and tells Rudraksh that training is pending. Rudraksh tells her that he can’t do this. She asks him that what happened. He tells her about his dream. He says that if anything happened to Preesha then what’s the use of doing all this. She asks him to not get scared because nothing will happen to Preesha. He nods at her and he hugs her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kanchan interviews people. She tells Rudraksh that he is old so she don’t think that he can take care of her garden. She asks him to leave from there.

Episode begins with Kanchan and Preesha knocks Pihu’s room door. Pihu opens the door. They gets shocked seeing rashes on Pihu’s face. Preesha asks Pihu that how it happened. Pihu tells her that she used a new cream and it happened. Preesha tells her that it’s just a allergy so she will give medicine to her. Pihu tells her that she has to go to friend’s house for party tonight but she can’t go like this.

Kanchan asks her to not go to the party. Pihu feels bad. Kanchan tells her that she knows a good make-up artist and his name is MK and the make-up will hide all the rashes. They leaves for MK make-up studio. Preesha tells Driver to not miss his daughter’s birthday party. And she books a cab.

In the MK make-up studio, MK gets shocked seeing Rudraksh in his studio. Ruhi asks him to give gardener look to Rudraksh which shocks him. He asks them that if they are planning to steal anything. Rudraksh says that it’s important. Vanshika tells MK that only he can help them now. MK gives new look to Rudraksh.

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