Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th March 2023 Written Update: Malati slaps Ishani


Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aliya tells Mansi that Samrat has everything which Mansi wants. She asks her to return to Samrat. Mansi laughs hearing her. She reminds her that Samrat is Nayantara’s husband and he is claiming that Nayantara is his love of life. Aliya scolds her for believing Samrat. She reveals that Samrat don’t love Nayantara. And why Samrat had married Nayantara. She says that Samrat was about to divorce Nayantara but Prem stopped it.

She tells her that Nayantara may take place in Samrat’s heart if she stayed with him by 6 months then. And she don’t want that to happen. She asks her to take advantage of this situation and return in Samrat’s life. Mansi asks her that what the latter will get. Aliya says that she want to take revenge on Nayantara and Ishani. Because she lost Mohit and Revati due to those sisters. She tells her that they will throw those sisters out of the house and she will get Mohit and the latter will get Samrat. Mansi joins hands with her.

Ishani apologizes to Malati. Malati slaps Ishani. Nayantara defends Ishani. Ishani says that she don’t know how all this happened. Malati says that she know Raghav is responsible for everything. But Ishani is wrong for society. Nayantara tells her that everyone will get to know Raghav is wrong. Malati tells her that, that won’t change anything. And she don’t think Mohit will marry Ishani now. Seema comes there and tells Malati that Mohit will marry Ishani. She says that she know Mohit will stay happy with Ishani. Malati tells her to ask Mohit’s decision too. Mohit says that he love Ishani and he want to marry her. Seema tells Ishani that they are with her.

Later, Nayantara notices Prem sleeping. She asks Samrat to sleep. Samrat tells her that he is feeling gulity because Raghav troubled them due to him. She tells him that she was Raghav’s target. He gets angry at Raghav. She asks him that why it’s affecting him so much when they are going to get divorce in 6 months. And if he is reacting like this due to his ego. He tells her that Raghav don’t have rights to trouble Nayantara. He says that he care for her. She tells him that she will trap Raghav.

Mohit tells Ishani that he won’t leave her alone. Ishani hugs him and cries. He recalls Raghav’s words and hesiates to hug her back. She thanks him for understanding her. He asks her to stop crying and forget everything.

Vikas tells Samrat that a lady came to meet him. Samrat gets shocked seeing Mansi. One lady says that Mansi was roaming on the road aimlessly and Mansi was taking Samrat’s name that’s why she brought her there. Samrat tells her that she don’t know Mansi.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Aliya asks Mansi about her plan. Mansi tells her that something happened in between her and Samrat in the sangeet day and she can use that. She tells about kiss to Nayantara.

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