Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th February 2023 Written Update: Samrat insults Malati


Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th February 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Revati tells Samrat that he has to keep smiling in front of media reporters. Nayantara comes downstairs. Samrat gets angry seeing Nayantara did not wear the saree which he selected for her. She asks him that how is she looking in this saree. He tells her that she looks beautiful in everything. Revati says that they should begin muh dikhai ritual. She tells Nayantara that she will give family necklace to her. She gets shocked seeing the jewel box empty. She says that she will check in the room. She collides with Malati and the latter drops her bag and diamond necklace fall from the bag. She says that she was searching this necklace only. She accuses Malati of stealing the necklace.

Malati says that she did not steal the necklace. She tells Nayantara that she don’t know anything about necklace. Revati recalls that how she put the necklace in Malati’s bag when Malati went to washroom. She tells Malati that she never thought the latter will do something like this. Nayantara asks her to not blame Malati because it’s a misunderstanding.

Samrat tells Revati that Malati don’t have money for basic needs so they should understand why Malati did like that. He tells Malati that he is like her son so she can ask money from him from next time. Malati tells them that she don’t want anything from them. She says that she is poor but not thief. He tells her that truth is in front of them. Nayantara says that it’s a trap and she know Samrat doing this deliberately to insult Malati. Revati tells her that Samrat accepted her the way she is. Nayantara tells her that Samrat is beast. She lists out the wrong doings which Samrat did.

One girl comes there and says that her husband is not beast. Samrat gets shocked seeing her. She asks Nayantara to not accuse her husband like this. Media reporters asks her that when her marriage happened with Samrat. She introduces herself as Samrat’s ex wife, Mansi. She says that she came to wish Samrat. Revati sends guests and media reporters from there.

Mansi says that she know Samrat can’t do anything wrong. Samrat asks her that what is she doing there. She tells him that she can talk in front of everyone if he is fine with it then. Malati thinks that she can’t see all this and leaves from there. Nayantara follows her. Revati tells Samrat and Mansi to talk alone. She takes Seema with her.

Malati tells Nayantara that she never faced insult like this. Nayantara tells her that Samrat did this to take revenge on her. She asks her to not come to Khurana house again. Malati leaves from there. Nayantara sees Prem is about to hit by car.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mansi tells Samrat that she came for their child. She says that she brought DNA proof because she know he won’t believe her. Prem tells Nayantara that Samrat is his father.

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