Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th July 2022 Written Update: Saaransh and Ruhi decides to spy on Pihu


Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Armaan offers water to Preesha. He asks her to not forget to take her medicine and leaves the room. Preesha feels suffocated and she is not able to sleep. She decides to go to that tea stall to get some fresh air. Meanwhile, Rudraksh recalls the moments he shared with Preesha. He asks her that where she went.

He says that he feels her presence then why he could not see her. He calls Anil but no response from other side. He tells himself that he will become mad like this. He decides to go that tea stall and leaves the house. He reaches the tea stall and orders a tea for him. Tea stall guy tells him that he will make a special tea for him. He gives tea to him.

Preesha comes there and she sits behind Rudraksh. Tea stall guy gives tea to Preesha too. He offers cookies to them. Rudraksh and Preesha touches each other’s hand while taking cookies from the box. Rudraksh thinks that he touched Preesha’s hand. Preesha thinks that she felt something. He turns around to see Preesha but no one is there. He spots Armaan there and asks him that why the latter took Preesha’s name.

Armaan tells him that Preesha was sitting behind him in the tea stall. Rudraksh gets confused hearing him. Armaan tells him that he thought Preesha was with him. Rudraksh asks him to not play. He thinks that he also felt Preesha’s presence. He asks Tea stall guy about Preesha. Tea stall guy tells him that one lady was sitting there but she left.

Armaan tells Rudraksh that he is also searching Preesha from the time he got to know that Preesha is missing. He adds that he will inform him if he found Preesha then. Rudraksh tells him that he don’t trust him at all. He says that he won’t leave Armaan if he got to know that the latter is behind Preesha’s disappearance and leaves from there.

Armaan thinks that he won’t let Rudraksh know that Preesha is with him. He recalls that how he learnt that Preesha is not in the house. He tracks Preesha’s phone and he reaches the tea stall with Digvijay. They sees Preesha and Rudraksh. Armaan asks Digvijay to take Preesha from there and he will divert Rudraksh. Digvijay takes Preesha from there. Armaan thinks that he won’t let Rudraksh and Preesha meet at any cost.

Next day, Saaransh and Ruhi asks Vidyut to drop to them in the school. Vidyut nods at them. After some time, Saaransh lies to Vidyut that school got cancelled because of bomb threat. Ruhi asks Vidyut to show his college but the latter refuses. Raj tells Vidyut that he will take care of kids. Vidyut asks kids to stay with Raj. They reaches the college. Vidyut leaves for his rehearsal. Kids convinces Raj to attend his classes. They goes to auditorium and spots Pihu. Vidyut tells Pihu that he forgot his lyrics seeing her eyes. Pihu scolds him. Kids decides to follow Pihu.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kanchan and Preesha buys chaat. Vanshika and Rudraksh also buys chaat. Vidyut tells Sharda that kids did not went to school because of bomb threat. Rudraksh hears that. Saaransh asks someone to save Ruhi. Preesha asks Ruhi that if the latter is fine. Ruhi calls her as mother.

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