Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th March 2022 Written Update: Vaijayanti find out the truth


Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th March 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Saransh says to Sharda that he wants to be with Rahi so she should get their room set up. Sharda says fine. Saransh leaves with Ruhi. Vaijnati asks Rudraksh that Preesha and Yuvraaj’s daughter is doing in their house. Rudraksh does not answer her and leaves from there in anger. Further, Sharda explains to Vaijanti that she should talk thoughtfully because Ruhi needs them.

Rahi gets happy seeing Saransh’s room and says that his room is very beautiful. Saransh says that now this room belongs to her too. Ruhi says that he is like her brother as he takes great care of her. Saransh says that now he should go to the lawyer to save Preesha. Here Vaijnati asks Yuvraj what his daughter Ruhi is doing in their house.

Yuvraj tells her that Ruhi is not his daughter but Yuvraj’s daughter. Vaijnati is shocked to hear this. Yuvraj tells her that the day Rudraksh’s anger subsides, he will leave her and go to Preesha. Vaijnati says she will never let this happen. Further, Saransh is talking to some lawyers but no one is ready to help him.

Everyone tells him that it is an open and shut case and no one can save Preesha. Saransh goes to Preesha and tells her about it. Preesha recalls how she save Rudraksh as he was the one who killed her brother. She thinks that she should not get the case reopened as it may put Rudraksh in trouble. She forbids Saransh to get the case reopened.

He asks him why. Preesha doesn’t reply to this and asks him to do as she us saying. Saransh says he will not listen to her and will reopen this case. On the other hand Rudraksh notices that Ruhi is unable to sleep. He tells about this to Sharada. She asks him to go to her. He says that Ruhi is angry with him right now so she will not talk to him. Sharda then goes to Ruhi and tells her that she cannot sleep alone so can she sleep with her. Ruhi says yes. Rudraksh thinks that because of Preesha they are suffering.

Saransh comes there and asks Rudraksh why he is feeling sad as all this is happening because of him. Rudraksh says that Preesha is a criminal so she should be in jail. Saransh says that he has made a mistake as he loves Preesha a lot but because of anger he is doing all. Saying this he leaves from there. Later Vaijanti asks Saransh if get a lawyer. Saransh says no. Vaijaynti says that she will fight the case for Preesha as she is a lawyer. Saransh gets happy.

Precap: Saransh tells Ruhi that he got a lawyer. Ruhi gets happy.

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