Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th March : Saransh teach a lesson to Ahana in front of all

yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Episode begins with everyone gather in the function feast hall to celebrate the music service of Bunty and Bubbles. The host of this evening announced on the point which both the families will participate in this music service. There’ll be three dancers one after another and the first one who’s going to come on stage is Mr Balraj Khurana and his wife Mrs Sharda Khurana and to compete them we’ll have in the other side is Mr and Mrs. Srinivasan.

Everybody clapped for them. Sharda says to Balraj within the area that I never dance in front of so many individuals ever in my entire life and that’s the reason I’m feeling nervous. I don’t think I will have the ability to dance today because I’m not getting enough inspiration for it. Balraj says you’re good for nothing and I will be OK if you do not come on stage to dance with me and make my dance awful, I’ll manage myself.

Preesh listens to it and she tries to make her mother in law realize that everyone gets scared in their first effort and it may be any situation of life. So it’s going to be better if you do not think about who’s seeing you and who do what and just focus on your own dance completely. The stage is set for both the couples and Balraj ia standing there alone as Sharda wasn’t present on the point.

However after the performance began, Sharda comes on the stage to provide company to Balraj and Rudraksh get happy to see that his mom is performing and he begins to cheer her up.

Both the few contestants are giving great competitive attitudes to one another. However in the middle of the dance sadly Sharda stumbles a pleasure with Balraj and because of panic and nervousness she stopped in between of this tune on the stage. Balraj attempts to make her dancing but she’s simply not moving at all and Rudraksha also attempts to promote his mother but it’s of no use.

The post of this event announced as Mr and Mrs Srinivasan as the winner of their face off. Rudraksh made his mother understand it is totally fine and I am so proud of you which you came from your anxieties and done in front of so many folks. Everybody yearns for Sharda and she feels a little bit better. Following this Ahana and Mishka are sloted to perform together in the service.

However Saransh blows a wax Ahana with the support of a table fan and then from the operation is going on he’s laughing sitting apart from pressure and Rudraksh.

Ahana couldn’t finish her performance properly because of the itching she’s facing after a point of time however she got a hint that perhaps pandit is behind this episode with her.

The host comes on stage and appreciate the efforts of Mishka and Ahana. She says now it is time for today operation of the event and that’s likely to be the dance of the rockstar Rudraksh Khurana and his newly married wife Mrs pressure Khurana. Preesha claims to Rudraksh to handle for the day as she cant dance because of sprain on leg.

Aahana notify the host of the event that pressure will not have the ability to perform as a result of sprain in her ankle. But after a time period Rudraksha comes on stage and says that the performance will certainly occur and I’ll dance just with my wife Preesha.