Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th March : Bunty gets caught in an inappropriate situation with Pia in a closed room

yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Episode begins with Rudraksh is declared before all my wife got a sprain in her leg but that won’t stop us from doing together. He says I’ll do the operation for the sake of my friend Bunty and my little love Saransh. Both of them performed together on stage on a romantic number, everyone becomes pleased to see them dance together and Yuraj, Mishka and Ahana are becoming angry. After their dancing is over the whole hall bursts into clapp and applauses for this couple. Yuvraj is hell pissed to see Preesha is becoming close to Rudraksh.

Mishka says if atleast one murder is excused in life I would have killed this Preesha when Ahana says we dont have to do this as I have a plan that will be sufficient to destroy Preesha and her existance out of our life forever. She mixed a juice with a pill of sleep for Preesha and sent Yuvraj into the area where Preesha is present. Everyone begin to search for Preesha and they arrive at the room number 5 and Rudraksh calls for Preesha from beyond the room but she isn’t reacting at all and hence they broke the door of the hotel room and they get to see Bunty is inside with Pia in a compromised position with one another.

Everyone is shocked to see them like this when suddenly Preesha comes there and she gets shocked to find this while Ahana gets stunned to find that it’s Bunty who got framed and Preesha and Yuvraj are nowhere to be seen.
Bunty attempts to clarify his stand in this place but nobody is prepared to listen to him and everybody is blaming him for the chaos that happened. Mr. and Mrs. Srinivasan says we won’t like to give our daughter to somebody who’s extremely cheap and non minded. Bunty cries and pleads for mercy from everybody but left one after another and Rudraksh claims to Bunty to come with him.

Ahana says I am unable to comprehend what exactly happened and how. The framework goes back in the time period and it was revealed that Preesha did not have the beverage but Pia had and she approached Bunty to inform him that she loves him before that she begins to feel dizzy and Bunty is only trying to leave her to her room and until they can arrive in Preesha and Yuvraj both left the room by then.

Preesha got a call from Sarada but she chose to hear within the telephone that Balraj is abusing his wife and she’s crying in pain and Preesha goes to stop him from doing this and says if you did not stop now then I won’t spare you as whatever you’re doing, I’m not going to tolerate it whatsoever.