Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th May 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh buries Dev’s dead body


Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Police inspector tells Revati that they should dig the land. Revati orders Principal to send others out. She stops Rudraksh and Preesha from leaving. Police finds garbage bag while digging the land. Media reporters returns. On the other hand, Alia calls Saaransh and asks him that what he did with Dev. She adds that she saw the news. She break off friendship with him and disconnects the call. He watches the news and wonders that why Revati went to the school.

Revati gets shattered after seeing Dev’s dead body. Preesha asks Rudraksh that what they are going to do now. He tells her that he did what he can do to save Saaransh. He recalls that how he reached the school and buried Dev’s dead body there thinking that no one will get to know about it. He tells her that he buried Dev’s dead body here because he thought construction happening so no one will get to know about it. And no use in telling her.

Preesha goes to Revati to console her but the latter pushes her. Rakesh comes there and asks Revati that why she is crying. She points at Dev’s dead body. He cries seeing it. She says that she will punish the culprit. She tells Rudraksh and Preesha that she is arresting them in Dev’s murder case. Rakesh asks her to not leave Khuranas. Preesha tells Revati that they didn’t kill Dev. Rudraksh asks Revati that what proof she has to prove that they killed Dev.

Revati says that she has proof. She reminds them that what all they did since annual day function. She reveals that police officers were following them. She says that she knew that they are hiding something but never thought it must be Dev’s dead body. She informs them that after seeing their freezer police dogs reached here which proves that they are murderers. She says that they acted like they cares about her after killing her son. She tells them that they lied to her since beginning. She asks Preesha that what kind of mother the latter is. She says that they will be punished for killing Dev. She orders police to arrest Preesha and Rudraksh.

Rudraksh tells Revati that these are not proofs and they are innocent. He says that there is a possibility that someone already put Dev’s dead body in that freezer and coincidentally they brought that freezer to their house so it doesn’t proves that they killed Dev.

Sharda comes there with Lawyer. Lawyer says that Revati can’t arrest Khuranas without any solid proof. He takes them from there. Meanwhile, Ruhi asks Saaransh to switch on the TV. They learns about Dev’s dead body. Lawyer tells Rudraksh that the latter answered very well. Rakesh is about to beat Rudraksh but Revati stops him. She says that she has circumstantial proof so she can arrest Preesha and Rudraksh for questioning.

Episode ends.

Precap – Revati asks Preesha that how the latter killed Dev. Police beat Rudraksh up. Ruhi says that she will tell the truth.

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