Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th January 2022 Written Update: Preesha learns about advertising campaign


Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha tells Ruhi that God will send the latter’s father to her. She says that Yuvraj can’t become the latter’s father. Meanwhile, Rudraksh tells himself that he always believed that Preesha will return to him if she is alive then and this bangle proved that she is alive. And soon she will be with him. Preesha hugs Ruhi ( Title song plays in the background ). Next day, Rudraksh asks Bunty about the preparations for campaign. Bunty informs him that preparations are over and he is going to begin the campaign.

Yuvraj apologizes to Ruhi. She tells him that Preesha asked her to not meet him. He says that the latter should have told Preesha that he will become her father. She tells him that God will send father to her and he can’t become her father. She asks him that why he came to their home yesterday. He tells her that he saw a guy with her and they entered the storeroom. He asks her that if that guy is her secret friend. She tells him that she can’t reveal her secret and he is bad person like Preesha said and leaves from there. He says that he can’t let her leave just like that. He learns about campaign.

Bunty’s staff announces about campaign in whole village and winner will get 1 lakh rupee. Meena hear that and she let Preesha know about the campaign. She asks her to participate in the campaign and win the prize money. Preesha thinks that she has to give money to Yuvraj within 3 days so it would be good if she won the prize money.

Mukhiya asks Ruhi that where is Rudraksh. She tells him that Rudraksh returned to Delhi. He says that Rudraksh didn’t return to his home and he is in the village only. She stares the storeroom. He asks his men to search Rudraksh in the storeroom. They enters the storeroom but no one is there so they leaves from there. She wonders that where Rudraksh went.

Bunty sees a participants hand one by one. Rudraksh comes there in disguised form and hides behind the curtain to see all the woman’s face. He thinks that why Preesha didn’t come yet. Preesha tells herself that it’s a modelling for hands only and she decides to participate in it.

On the other hand, Saaransh tells Sharda and Vaijayanti that he is going to his school campaign and needs permission. She asks him that why he is informing her at last minute. He asks Vaijayanti to sign on the permission form. She signs on it and he leaves the house. Ruhi prays God to send Rudraksh to her. Saachi’s mother participate in the campaign. Saachi sees Bunty there. Later, Ruhi tells Saachi that Rudraksh is missing. Saachi informs her that she saw Bunty in campaign so Rudraksh must be there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha reaches the campaign venue.

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