Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th March: Rudraksh and Preesha clear the name of Bunty

yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Episode begins with Preesha holds the hands of Balraj and says if you do not stop at the moment then I will have a drastic step . He explained to her just because you’re a woman I’m sparing you but if somebody else was in your place I’ll break his hand. Preesha saya then break my hands because your spouse is also a girl but you aren’t sparing her. Balraj says she’s my spouse and I can do anything with her, this is my best.

Trisha says she’s your wife and that’s the reason you can’t do anything with her and I do not feel that you even understand what is the connection between husband and wife. I’m awaiting you normally but if you do not stop right now I will head out to the significant people and you’ll inform them that you are a wife beater.

Balraj walks off and Preesha is counselling Sharda she is with her and she must fight back to her rights. Bunty is telling Rudraksha, I don’t have any fault in these, I just love Bubbles but I have framed wrongly in the entire fiasco and he explained the whole situation to him.

Rudraksh says to Bunty you’ve already made a chaos now allow me to think how to repair it. Preesha develops a doubt on Rudraksha he may have caused all of this damages because he does not want Bunty to wed Bubbles. She has to know from the weather which gives him money to spike the drink of Payal however it had been done by Ahana just to grow the misunderstanding between Preesha and Rudraksh.

Preesha goes and blames Rudraksh for the whole and earnings it’s your strategy as you don’t want to get married to Bubbles.Rudraksh says to her that I’m not guilty in this situation and I will prove it to you. He takes her to Payal who says to Preesha that Bunty did nothing wrong with me I was feeling dizzy and she’s only trying to help me but he does not know I have feelings for him and that’s the reason I was hoping to get him close and in this process the button of his sherwani got busted and in that identical moment you folks entered the room so the entire situation got twisted.

He loves only Bubbles and he does not have any fault in the entire fiasco neither Rudraksha has some idea about this whole thing. Preesha finally realise her mistake and before she can compensate for IT branch comes and notify his grandfather and grandmother are creating chaos below and are attempting to stop the marriage. Rudraksh says the entire household is detective but when Preesha gives him a look he says let’s return to prevent them or else things will get out of control.

Vasudha is announcing that the union is cancelled today and no function will happen farther your but before she can finish Payel comes there and states in the favour of Bunty and makes bubbles know he loves her a lot and he did nothing wrong to deserve this type of punishment.

Bubbles and Bunty patch up with each other once more and everyone claps for them. Vasudha and GPS request an apology from Bunty to blame him out of the blue and the family return to observing when Saransh says to his mother that you blamed Rudraksh wrongly so that you should say sorry to him.

Preesha does not agree for it at first but then she has to for the sake of Saransh. At night, Preesha is attempting to say sorry to Rudraksh but she’s taking too much time and Rudraksha is becoming in patience with her antics.