Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story 16th September 2020 : Yuvraj plots against Preesha and Rudraksh

Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

Episode begins with Rudraksh says Preesha’s parents also important for him and takes them inside. Sharda asks furious Balraj to calm down saying guests may notice his anger. Ahana reaches Khurana house and tells Balraj that she went out for important work. Saaransh asks Vasudha how he is looking. Vasudha and Gopal praises him. She asks Rudraksh about Preesha. Rudraksh replies she is getting ready. Preesha comes to the party wearing the saree Rudraksh picked for her. He gets mesmerized seeing her and Bunty teases him seeing his reaction. Bunty says he was right that Rudraksh loves her.

Rudraksh says nothing like that. Bunty says Rudraksh talking with him but still looking at her only. He says Rudraksh loves her for sure and tells him to confess his love to her. He says Preesha wearing the saree which Rudraksh choosed for her even though he lost the competition because she too has feelings for him so he should not waste time and should confess his love soon. Rudraksh asks is he sure about it. Bunty says he is sure that Rudraksh and Preesha have feelings for each other. Rudraksh says he will confess his love to Preesha.

Yuvraj shocks hearing him and thinks his fear become true, Rudraksh started to love Preesha and she too doing everything for him already if he lost Preesha then he have to lose Saaransh too which he can’t afford. He thinks way to stop Rudraksh because he can’t let him snatch Preesha from him, he will do whatever he wants but he won’t let them become one. Rudraksh goes to Preesha and tells her that Sharda calling her and takes her with him alone. He says he lied to her to meet her to tell something important. She asks him what he wants to tell. He thanks her for wearing the saree he picked for her. She thinks she expected this and wonders what if he thinks she has any feelings for him that’s why she weared this saree.

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He says he liked the way she surprised him. She says she didn’t wear this saree for him instead she didn’t find matching sandal for her dress that’s why she weared this saree. He denies to believe her and says he knows that she weared this saree for him. She asks why she will wear it for him. He replies that she is his wife and she wanted to make him happy. She was about to go from there but he stops her and says he too knows to read her eyes and praises her beauty. He holds her and says he won’t leave her until she confesses that she weared the saree for him. She asks him to leave her but he takes her inside totally ignoring her protests.

Yuvraj sees Rudraksh and Preesha together and gets angry. Rahul asks him to drink less saying it’s not some roadside party. He says Preesha would have changed after marriage and says he already guessed seeing Rudraksh’s behavior towards her that he has feelings for her but he is little shocked seeing Preesha’s behavior. Yuvraj says he will separate them in this party for sure.

Mishka tells Ahana that she never thought Rudraksh will treat Preesha like this and gets irritated. She says only she has rights on him but Preesha is with him because Ahana can’t do anything with her. Ahana thinks Preesha is not perfect and she knows her weakness too, her chennai trip become useless but she will find out who is Saaransh’s mother for sure.

Balraj meets Rahul and says he didn’t expected him in his party. Rahul says Balraj is the one who invited him that’s why he is here. Balraj shocks seeing Yuvraj with Rahul. Rudraksh leaves Preesha when she called Vasudha. Gopal warns Yuvraj to not create any drama.

Episode ends.

Precap – Yuvraj dances with Preesha which irks Rudraksh, who was dancing with Mishka and he leaves the dancing floor angrily. Preesha goes to her room, Yuvraj follows her and hugs her. Everyone sees them in hugging position. Yuvraj stabs Rudraksh.