Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story 17th August 2020 : Preesha warns Balraj

yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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Episode begins with Rudraksh tells Balraj that he won’t let that happen with Saaransh which happened with him and Balraj should be happy that because of Saaransh he is going to study. Balraj says Rudraksh not gonna continuing his studies instead he is gonna destroy his life. He says until he is alive he won’t let Rudraksh do this stupidity.

Rudraksh says he will stop doing concerts, ads and everything and says he got chance to complete his studies but if Balraj tried to stop him then he will regret. Balraj was about to slap Rudraksh but Preesha stops him by holding his hand. Yuvraj meets Rahul and tells it will be honor for him to work under him.

Rahul says Yuvraj is overqualified and asks why he wants to do legal advisor job. Yuvraj says it was his dream to fight for truth that’s why he joined law but resigned his judge position. He asks him to give one chance to prove how big lawyer he is. Rahul says Yuvraj is lier not a lawyer and says he already did background check of him and says he knows about his suspension.

Balraj asks how dare Preesha to hold his hand and tries to slap her. Preesha yelling at him and says he will land up in jail if he tried to hit her. She says he just used Rudraksh for his own benefits and never treated him as human being. She says he is just a selfish person like Rudraksh said. She says he should be ashamed for being like this father. Ahana tries to interfere but Preesha yells at her.

Preesha says if Rudraksh wants to complete his studies then he will do, he is adult now. Balraj asks who is she to come between father and son. She says she is legal wife of Rudraksh and says he didn’t let Rudraksh do what he wants then she will give complaint against him. Ahana asks Balraj to calm down and they leaves from there. Saaransh says Preesha is awesome. He tells like he said she proved that she is super wife too. Rudraksh leaves from there without saying anything. Preesha sees him worried. Sharda thinks now Balraj won’t stay silent and gets worried.

Rahul asks Yuvraj to leave from there saying he called him just to see how low he can go to her this job. Yuvraj says he also did background check of Rahul because he is dumb to come for interview just like that and says he knows what illegal works he did to earn this much money.

Preesha apologize to Rudraksh and says she was not able to control herself when Balraj tried to slap him. He hugs her tightly and cries badly (Title song plays in background). She gets confused with his behavior but hugs him back. He says no one did like what she did for him and says he first time feels he is not alone and thanks her. She says he need not to say thanks, she will support him till she is staying there.

Sharda says Preesha did right but Balraj won’t accept his mistake. Rudraksh says he won’t let anything bad happen with Saaransh. Yuvraj says he knows Rahul’s competitor is Rudraksh. He asks him to join hands with him saying Rudraksh is his enemy too.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ahana plans something against Rudraksh and gets his signature.