Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story 25th September 2020 : Ahana gets to know about Preesha’s truth

yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

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Episode begins with Police asks Khurana’s to give their mobile phones and after checking it, he says he got video from Preesha’s mobile. Everyone shocks hearing him. In award function, Ahana argues with media people and tells them to leave from there. People starts to throw empty water bottles on them using that chance Yuvraj too throws it on Rudraksh. Preesha thinks situation going out of control so she has to take Rudraksh from there. Suddenly Balraj struggles to breathe and sits on the chair seeing that Vasudha says seems like it’s a heart attack. His family runs towards him and Mishka blames media for his condition and shouts at them. When Rudraksh was about to call ambulance, Balraj tells him to take him to house.

Doctor was examining Balraj but he tells Doctor to leave from there. Sharda says he is not well he should take the treatment. Balraj says he was acting there to save his and his family’s life, everyone knows how was the situation there. Ahana thanks him and asks Rudraksh why recorded that video and who played that on award function. Balraj says he too wants to know that, and says being his son Rudraksh leaked all of his secrets. He says he did those things for Rudraksh career but in return what he got today. He says now his fans will hate him, if he wanted to do he should have done it in house. Rudraksh says he know nothing and he did nothing and promises on Rajeev. Everyone shocks hearing him. Balraj calms down and asks how is this possible. Rudraksh says he doesn’t even know when he said those things. Balraj wonders who would have done that. Rudraksh says he too wants to know who betrayed him and looks at Preesha.

Rahul gets to know that his company’s singer gonna get the award. He tells Yuvraj that his dreams becoming true. Yuvraj says they has to snatch everything from Rudraksh not just award and suggests him to tell industry to ban Rudraksh. Rahul says if Rudraksh gets banned then his life time problem solved and praises Yuvraj for this idea. He gives Yuvraj a gift. Rudraksh reaches his room and Preesha tells him that she should have told him everything. He says he said those things to her. She asks he remember it. He says not fully but little bit. She asks then why didn’t he tell that to Balraj. He says if he tells him that he can’t even imagine how Balraj would have behaved with her that’s why. He says he shares things only with her because he trusts her that she will understand him. She holds his hand, thanks him for trusting her and says she will never break his trust. Balraj informs Rudraksh that jury cancelled his award and they gonna lose all the albums and concerts too. Ahana asks him to remember who was with him in the room that time. Gopal says if they gets to know the ip address then they can know who uploaded it.

Preesha tells her parents that Rudraksh was telling those things to her but she doesn’t know who recorded that. Gopal suspects Yuvraj. Preesha calls Yuvraj saying she wants to know the truth. She tells him to meet her. Ahana and Mishka overhears everything and follows Preesha. Yuvraj asks Preesha that how can she suspect him and says he did wrong by attending that party.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mishka captures Preesha meeting Yuvraj. Ahana tells Mishka that she will show this proof to Rudraksh. Police informs Khurana’s that they got video from Preesha’s mobile.