Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story and Twist|YHC Written Update

yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
yeh hai chahatein upcoming story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story and Twist|YHC Written Update on

Episode begins with Yuvraj was thrown out of the nightclub by the members and he is showing them a lot of attitude that I am a judge and I can do anything. the categories of that is not taking him seriously and is asking him to go away from there.

Yuvraj is adamant not to go from there and then those people start to beat Yuvraj for trying to enter forcefully. Yuvraj gets up and takes the bag of money with him and then slowly he leaves from there.

However, his visiting card was left on the ground and Ahana comes from behind and picks it up. She decided if this person can come in the holi party of Khurana House, then we will have entertainment for sure.

Preesha gets up from her sleep and finds out natural drugs and Saransh and not in the room. She gets to hear some sound from the bathroom and understands that Saransh is with Rudraksh and both of them are having a good time with each other. She becomes thankful to God for making Saransh happy because whatever happened last night, he was so scared due to that.

Saransh comes out and wishes his mother Preesha a very Happy Holi, Preesha applied coconut oil on his body and face so that the colour doesn’t get stuck to the skin then Saransh asks to apply the same oil on Rudraksh as well.

Rudraksh comes and Saransh literally starts to nagg him that he has to apply oil on his body for colours to get rinsed off easily. He reluctantly agrees because of Saransh and Preesha is applying colours on his body, face and hands.

Suddenly says that he is missing his grandfather and grandmother and she wants them to attend their family Holi party. Vasudha is suggesting GPS to return the money of society because the police case of the money getting stolen from outside of the bank is a long process as until and unless police is able to track down the actual culprit it will never get solve so better it will be that they return the money because people are are doubting on them only.

GPS gets upset with the word first but then Vasudha says it is not really easy to make everybody else shut up so it will be better if we can come up with some solution to the problem. Ahana calls Yuvraj and Yuvraj took the call as he doesn’t know who it can be, while applying medicines on his own wounds.

Ahana behaves on the phone like a normal person and pretends as if she needs legal advice from him for some emergency case. She offered him 100000 rupees as well for this and Yuvraj couldn’t control his greed for money and says that I am going to give you legal advice.

Ahana says to her sister that when he will come here and you will notice Preesha, he will obviously get romantic with her and then she and her kid can be out of the Khurana family and functions.