Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story: Armaan to provoke Preesha against Rudraksh!


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Abrar Qazi and Sargun Kaur Luthra starrer Yeh Hai Chahatein is one of the top Star Plus show because of the interesting storyline. The twists and turns of the show have glued us to the screens. Now, Armaan traps Rudraksh so it will be intriguing to watch that what going to happen in the future episodes.

In the current track, Saaransh signals Rudraksh to not react. Preesha comes there and saves Saaransh. Rudraksh turns around so Preesha does not see him.

Saaransh asks Preesha that if she remember him. She tells him that he is Ruhi’s brother. She says that she felt like she saved him like this in the past too. She takes him to her room to treat his wound. Armaan sees Saaransh signalling at Rudraksh.

Preesha and Saaransh applies ointment on each other’s wound. He tells her that she is in pain because of him and cries. She tells him that he is sweet like Ruhi. She says that she hates Rudraksh and she can’t control her anger hearing his name.

He asks her that why she came to save him when she knows that he is Rudraksh’s son. She tells him that her priority was saving him when she saw him in danger.

She asks him about his mother. He tells her that his mother don’t live with them. She hugs him. He thanks her and leaves the room. Armaan overhears Rudraksh and Saaransh’s conversation. He spikes Rudraksh’s coffee. He meets Preesha and understands that Rudraksh cancelled their dinner plan.

Other side, Ruhi tells her intention of leaving the house to Sharda. Armaan plans to spike Preesha’s drink too. Preesha asks him that why he did not tell her that Rudraksh is Saaransh and Ruhi’s father.

In the upcoming episode, Preesha will wake up and she will spot Rudraksh near her. Armaan will tell Receptionist that his wife is not opening her room.

Sharda and Ruhi will decide to surprise Rudraksh and Saaransh. Preesha will splash water on Rudraksh’s face. Rudraksh will be shocked seeing her. Thakur family will enter the room.

How Preesha will react now? Will Rudraksh be able to prove his innocence?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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