Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story : Balraj gets worried for Saaransh


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Episode begins with Rudraksh ,Vasudha gets surprised seeing Preesha in the hospital. Vasudha asks Preesha that how she knows about it. Preesha gets confused hearing her question. Rudraksh says Gopal had severe heart attack so they admitted him in this hospital. He tells her how Vasudha called him to inform about Gopal and he told her to reach hospital from there and he will reach hospital directly and he thought to inform Preesha later once Gopal gets better because she was already worried because of whatever happening with Saaransh. Preesha, Mahima asks is he fine. Rudraksh says he is fine now and asks what his parents doing here and who is admitted here. He asks why she is here and asks if everyone is here then who is staying with Saaransh and keep questioning her.

Yuvraj waits for Receptionist and thinks Saaransh should not have told anyone that it was his idea otherwise he is dead. Seeing Receptionist he asks about Saaransh. She says his surgery going on. He gets relieved hearing her and thinks to do something before Saaransh tells anyone about him. Preesha says they admitted Saaransh here. Rudraksh shocks hearing her and asks what is she saying. She tells him everything and says he is in critical condition now. Rudraksh questions Balraj.

Balraj says Preesha already told him everything then why he is asking him. Mahima says Balraj threatened Saaransh saying he will put him in jail. Rudraksh yells at Balraj for threatening Saaransh. Balraj says he need not to yell at him because Saaransh was stealing money from his locker that’s why he reacted like that. Rudraksh says Saaransh didn’t stole anything because he has every rights on those money. Mahima says she will call Police and tells Rudraksh that Balraj is responsible for Saaransh’s condition so will he blame him also like he blamed her and didn’t let Saaransh stay with her thinking she is dangerous for Saaransh. She says she didn’t forced herself on Saaransh thinking Preesha,Rudraksh taking care of him but now she won’t let him stay with them.

Yuvraj thinks they are fighting with each other and its good for him. Rudraksh says he won’t give Saaransh to her. Yuvraj says everyone is responsible for Saaransh’s condition so they should not blame each other like this. He says Saaransh ran away from house again. Preesha asks how he knows about it. He says because it was him who dropped him in their house and tells them to think why he took that decision again. He asks did Balraj thought why Saaransh needed that much money. He says he thought Rudraksh going to leave Preesha and wanted to get rid of Mahima that’s why he took this decision.

Rudraksh says Mahima can’t get Saaransh because he doesn’t want her. Preesha tells him that Saaransh saw them fighting so it happened because of that. Nurse asks for blood and Preesha says Rudraksh will give blood and they leaves from there. Balraj scolds Mahima. Mahima gets to know that Preesha didn’t told the truth to Balraj and reveals that Saaransh is Rajeev and her son that’s why even Rudraksh married Preesha. She blames him for her past and present and asks now also will he handover Saaransh to Police. Sharda asks Preesha that why they hided this truth from them. Preesha apologize to her and says it was Rudraksh’s decision.

Episode ends.

Precap – Balraj gets worried for Saaransh.