Yeh Hai Chahatein Upcoming Story: Kaashvi and Karun denies to go back to Bajwa House, Hates Arjun

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Star Plus’s show Yeh Hai Chahatein is soon going to witness many interesting twists and turns. The show is going to witness high voltage drama.

Aditya meets Kamaal and Hugs him. He tells him that he has done the right thing the way he has asked him to and tells him that he wanted Kashvi to hate Arjun.

It gets revealed as to how Aditya has called Kamal and told him about Kaashvi and Arjun trying to trick him with the fake Drugs and asks him to kidnap Karun.

Aditya tells Kamaal that he will give him the Drugs and the Money too to escape from there. Kamaal agree. Then the fake Karun drama I’d also revealed.

Aditya makes Karun Hate Arjun

Aditya sees that Karun is waking up and points the gun at his forehead. He tells him that he has done the worst mistake by Kidnapping Karun and he Loves Karun.

Kamaal tells him that it was Arjun who asked him to Kill Karun to which Karun tells him that he won’t Believe him. Kamaal plays the Recording of Arjun.

Karun gets Heart Broken hearing this while Aditya shoots Kamaal. Karun Hugs Aditya while Aditya tells him that he Loves him hence he will Protect him.

Jayesh Requests Kaashvi and Karun to come back Home to which they denies going there as they both now Hate Arjun.

What will happen Next?

What will Arjun do?

Stay Tuned to for the Latest Updates..

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